Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Death in Sderot - Forty Rockets Hit Israel

The Palestinians launched another major rocket barrage from Gaza today, hitting locations in Sderot and Ashkelon.

Yesterday, two children were badly wounded as the rockets hit a playground. Today, Roni Yechiyeh,(z"l) a father of four was killed and two others wounded by shrapnel after one of the Kassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit the grounds of Sapir Collegein the western Negev.

Another rocket in the same barrage destroyed a home in Sderot.

Several rockets also landed in the city of Ashkelon, with one rocket landing near the Barzilai hospital's helicopter pad and another man sustaining shrapnel wounds from a rocket that landed in a residential street in the city.Power was out in several parts of Ashkelon, probably because one of the rockets took out a power line.

The above photo, from the Associated press is quite interesting, as it shows rockets being launched from within Gaza City, which means that their range and their destructive power are improving as time goes on.

Yet the Olmert-Livni-Barak troika is still keeping the IDF on a tight leash, allowing them to take out the odd launch site or incinerate a Hamas fighter here and there,rather than actually dealing with the problem at the source.

Olmert, who's on a diplomatic junket in Japan said:"There is an ongoing war going on in the south. We regret that it once again cost human life."

Of course, if it's a war, why not allow the IDF to fight and win it? An interesting question, to be sure and one not likely to receive much of an answer from the likes of Olmert.Certainly no other nation would permit these kind of attacks to continue.

When will the Israeli people rise up and demand a government that will defend its people? Only time will tell.

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