Sunday, February 10, 2008

The PA Lets The Secret Out - Olmert Has Already Agreed To Divide Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post started yet another firestorm in Israeli politics by revealing publicly what most of us knew already - that Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni have already agreed to re-divide Israel's capitol, Jerusalem.

And they are lying through their teeth when they deny it.

The Post quoted Yasir Arafat's old spokeshole Ahmed Qurei on secret talks ongoing between the Palestinians and Livni:

"The main progress has been achieved during the secret talks, particularly on the issue of Jerusalem. Today we can say that Israel is prepared to withdraw from almost all the Arab neighborhoods and villages in Jerusalem. Israel is prepared to redivide Jerusalem and this is a positive development."

Of course, the Palestinians' definition of what constitutes 'Arab neighborhoods' in Jerusalem has an extremely liberal interpretation, if you get my drift.Especially as, unlike the Israelis in 1967 the Arabs are going to insist on ethnic cleansing and total control over the Jewish shrines like the Kotel in the Old City.

However, Qurei has a problem,in spite of the Olmert/Livni duo's suicidal willingness to uproot Jews from their homes and give the Palestinians closer range and a better platform to proceed on their plan to make the rest of Israel free of's not going fast enough.

"The negotiations are moving too slowly," he said. "There are still too many difficulties, although one can say that some progress has been achieved."

However, the Palestinians have their friend Condi Rice due back soon and according to Qurei, the Palestinians have asked her help in getting involved to lean on the Israelis to make the whole disgraceful process go quicker and to make sure the Israelis don;t screw the deal up by actually defending their citizens in south Israel against rocket attacks...

{Qurei} said the US administration had promised to pressure Israel to refrain from carrying out a massive attack in the Gaza Strip. He said the PA believed that Israel's policy of "collective punishment" also served Hamas's interests because it drove more Palestinians into their open arms.

"When you deprive a Palestinian from gas and electricity, he will hate Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and not Hamas," he added.

Interesting, considering that the last homicide bombing attack on Dimona was not carried out by Hamas but by Fatah's own al-Aksa Martyr's Brigade!

Is Israel prepared to be sold out, Munich-like by its own farcical government? The Israeli people are going to have to make a choice, and soon.

And as far as US complicity in this travesty goes, mark my words - if Condi Rice, James Baker and yes, the current occupant of the White House have their way and Israel is marginalized as a US ally, we will all live to regret it.


Rosey said...

This is pretty disturbing. You would think an Israeli right winger would have already shot Olmert by now. Perhaps one will. I really wonder what the majority of Israelis are thinking now. They must stand up to their inept government. Thank you for your reporting on this.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly with the last sentence of this post for two basic reasons. 1.) In the Scriptures, God promises to bless whoever blesses Israel and to curse whoever curses Israel. The bottom line is America has been a very blessed country becuase it has generally been a great supporter of Israel and of the Jewish people. If the United States works against Israel's just interests or meddles in Israel's internal affairs, it is difficult to envision God continuing to bless our country. 2.) The survival of the United States is already in a very precarious position. If Israel is weakened further, America's survival will be in an even more precarious position than it already is. America and Western Europe need a strong Israel to act as a buffer between themselves and Islamic fanatics who wish to destroy them and their countries. In summary, if Israel is weakened it makes the free world harder to defend.

I pray earnestly every day for Israel and America. I have to wonder what is going on with American and Western leaders. It boggles the mind that they cannot understand that they need a strong Israel to act as a buffer between themselves and their enemies. Working to weaken Israel only places their own survival in an even more precarious position that it is already in. I also have to wonder what is going on with the voters in Israel. Parts of Israel are being bombarded on a daily basis by Arab rockets yet Okmert and company are still in power and very little seems to be being done to try and alter this situation.

I cannot be entirely certain of course, as the US does not currently face this situation, but it seems to me that if Islamic fanatics set up shop in Mexico or Canada with the complicit acceptance of the governments of those countries and began bombarding US border towns with rockets killing and maiming scores of Americans, President Bush would have been impeached long ago and the US military would have drained its entire nuclear arsenal, if that is waht it took, to make these attacks stop!! I'm at a loss as to why Israel does not do this.

One possibility is that the Israeli military that is generally said to be among the best in the world is over rated. This would be simillar to the US military. The media grossly over states the strength of the US military. By over rating the strength of a country it is much easier for its enemies to vilify in the media.