Thursday, February 07, 2008

Iran's Safir-1 Missile Launch Causes 'Concern' In US And Russia

Iran's launch of it's Safir-1 space rocket may have done more than just mark a milestone for Iran. It may have provided, finally grounds for the US and Russia to cooperate to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program.

The Russians and Putin have always maintained that in their opinion, Iran was not seeking to develop nuclear weapons, so yesterday's comments by deputy foreign minister Alexander Losyukov that Iran's test launch of the Safir-1 rocket earlier this week “adds to general suspicions of Iran regarding its potential desire to build nuclear weapons” marks a 180 degree turnabout from Russia's previous position in the matter.

“Long-range missiles are one of the components of such weapons. That causes concern,” Russian news agencies quoted the deputy foreign minister as saying on Wednesday. “Any movement in terms of creating such a potential weapon naturally worries us and others.”

Among those "others" are the US. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino voiced pretty much the same concerns and was quoted as saying, “Such technology is the same as that needed to deliver a nuclear bomb.”

This kind of rhetoric might just signal a new cooperation between Russia and the US, which may now be prepared to leave the farcical NIE report on Iran's nukes in the dustbin of historical follies where it belongs.

The question remains: if this is true and the Safir-1 was a wakeup call for Putin, just what is he going to demand in return for joining the US in leaning on Iran?

Perhaps a slowdown or abandonment of the planned missile interceptor bases in poland and the Czech Republic, something Russia is adamantly opposed to?

I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

There are ample opportunities for negotiations with Russia. The proposed missle defense system is one of them. Another possibility is regarding American support of the Kosovo "Liberation" Army. Russia is angry about this. Supporting Kosovo may have made sense when the evil Milosevic led Serbia but it makes no sense now. Sad to say, but Russia is actually right here.

In exchange for the US withdrawing support for the Kosovo "Liberation" Arny, Russsia should move in for the kill and destroy this Islamic Army. The US cannot do it becuase the US military is busy elsewhere and is worn down from ongoing operations around the world in the fight against Islamic fanatics.

In regards to the missle defense shield, as it is right now, the US and its allies desparately need this to defend against the likes of Iran and North Korea. If the system is built, it needs to be able to expand as the capabilities of our enemies expand otherwise it is ineffective. The current system is wholly inadequate to defend against Russia or to threaten Russia. The Russians need to stop being so beligerent and need to call off the hateful rhetoric. If the US were being as beligerent toward Russia as Russia is being toward the United States, the media would be beside itself with rage agains the Americans. When Russia behaves in this manner the main strem news media either ignores it or they praise Russia.

Mr. Putin would catch more flies with honey than he can catach with vinegar. By Russian actions I can only concluded that they want to restart the Cold War. They need to try engaging the United States constructively as an equal partner.

Russia wants the United States to withdraw plans for the missle defense system. This is fair enough. What the US should ask for in return is for Russia to withdraw support from Iran, Syria, and the other Islamic fanatics they support. Stop using their vast oil reserves as a weapon to black mail the West with, and CEASE THE HATEFUL RHETORIC being directed against the United States.

As I have stated on this site and elsewhere, the biggest problem with any agreement with Russia will be enforcement. Specifically, how do we ensure Russian compliance? American compliance is a given. The intense media scrutiny America faces makes non compliance impossible for the Americans even if they did not want to comply. Russia does not face the same kind of scrutiny. Also, it fits in nicely with the agaend of the elite media to see America weakened. It does not fit in with their agenda to see Russia weakened. Their is no way for the Americans not to honor their agreements.

If Russia violates the agreements, America gives up strategic positionss and gets nothing in return. This would be devestating for American interests. Any deal that does not ensure Russian compliance, is a deal breaker. Also, the Americans should insist that the Russian delegation treat them as equals. In other words, stop the HATEFUL RHETORIC.

There may be a silver lining here. I ahve always thought the Iranians would over reach. Their arrogance is astonishing. With their latest actions they may have finally done this. As such, it may make it easier to get Russia to work constructively with us to contain Iran.