Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sooper Dooper Tuesday Update

Some real surprises out there...or maybe not.

For the Democrats, Lady Macbeth has won:
New York,(232 delegates )
New Jersey,(107)
Massachusetts, (93)
Arizona, (56)
Arkansas,( 35)

More importantly, she's been projected to win in California, with its huge 307 delegates by both NBC and CBS. She's leading Obama right now, 55%-35%.

Obama has won:
Illinois (153)
Georgia (103)
Alabama (52)
Connecticut (48)
Delaware (15)
Utah (23)
North Dakota (21)
Colorado (71)
Kansas (21)
Idaho (12)

Obama is projected to win in Minnesota (72) and Alaska (18)

Still too close to call are New Mexico (26) where Hillary leads 42% to 38% and Missouri (72) where Obama is leading by 49% to 48% with 99% of the votes counted.

Remember, with the Democrat's arcane rules, the candidates will split delegates proportionally, but Hillary has done well enough in New York, New Jersey and looks to do well enough in California so that she could get most of them in those states.

The key, of course as I've been telling you all along before the dinosaur media caught on is the Hispanic vote. CNN's exit polls gave Hillary 66% of that demographic, even in California where the largest Hispanic paper, La Opinion endorsed Obama. (I wonder how much that cost George Soros?)Another big surprise for Obama was Hillary's strong victory in Massachusetts, even after John Kerry, Teddy and a bevy of the Kennedys endorsed Obama.

For the Republicans, the big winners were McCain and Mike Huckabee.

McCain has won:
New York (87)
Illinois (57)
New Jersey (52)
Arizona (53)
Connecticut (30)
Oklahoma (41)
Delaware (18)

Even worse for Romney, McCain has a firm lead in California (170) 43% to 26% with about 22% of the vote counted.Romney pretty much has to win California to stay viable.

Romney won:
Massachusetts (43)
Minnesota (no delegates)
Utah (36)
North Dakota (26)
Colorado (46)
Montana (25)

Huckabee took:
Georgia (72)
Tennessee (39)
Alabama (48)
Arkansas (34)
West Virginia (18)

Missouri(58) is still in play - but between McCain with 33% and Huckbee 32%, and Romney bringing up the rear with 29%. 97% of the vote has been counted.

California and Missouri are the big stories for both parties.

UPDATE: Barack Obama won Missouri for the Democrats, while McCain squeaked out a victory over Mike Huckabee by a razor thin 9.000 votes or so for the Republicans.

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