Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bush Busts A Move And Drums In Africa!!!

First the Arab sword dance and now this! Our president gets loose and unleashes his groove thang...a must see.

OK, seriously, President Bush has been well received in Africa for a very simple reason -he's done more to help the countries there combat scourges like AIDS,hunger and malaria than any other US president in history, and even people who are involved with this issue and are generally critical of the Bush Administration like Bono and Bob Geldorf agree with that assessment.

Credit where credit is due...not that he or his party has ever gotten much from some black Americans at election time.Too many of them still prefer to think of Mr. Bill as the First Black President. G-d only knows why.


Anonymous said...

is shrub's soul train gonna make a stopover in darfur????
shrub will be popular in all those countries where he gives away US tax dollars.

Freedom Fighter said...

In fairness, Louie, I can't blame Bush for Darfur. If the western democracies are unwilling to put their butts on the line to make it worthwhile for the Sudanese Islamists to end the jihad because of the oil,there's not much he can do unless he wants to use US troops to invade.

Ideally, this is something the UN should handle, but they won't.

Unknown said...

I do blame Bush, there's actually been State Dept. pressure to not expose the truth of what's going on there, as Brian Steidle discusses in his new documentary The Devil Came on Horseback, trailer here, and article about same here. Furthermore, the US has refused to use the economic leverage and full sanctions that it could. The US consistently is not just neutral, but aiding and abetting the Arab League countries (Sudan being one of them)--the very countries that are most responsible for the "purification" movement in Islam that is consequently responsible for turning the more benign forms of syncretistic Islam throughout the world to the textual, orthodox Islam that is downright dangerous to the US and the world. Our oil diplomacy, though in the interests of a few individuals and corporations, is not in the best interests of our nation, and is downright immoral.

My favorite Darfur documentary, btw, is Darfur Diaries, which is very different than Steidle's.

GW said...

Good post. Nice to see Bush enjoying some well earned appreciation - and he is clearly enjoying himself.

Blacks won't start voting Republican until we have the first black in the White House - and I really don't care if that Michael Steele or Thomas Sowell.