Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama And McCain Sweep The Potomac Primaries

Senator Barack Hussein Obama swamped Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's Potomac primaries held in Virginia,Maryland and DC and passed her for the first time in the delegate count.

There was huge turnout in the area, with Obama taking Virginia by 64-35%, Maryland by 60-37% and Washington DC by 75-24%.

These percentages mean that Obama ended up with most of the delegates, and in fact he's actually slightly ahead of Clinton now when you add up both the pledged delegates awarded in the primaries and the superdelegates. The Dems have a major horse race going on, and I doubt it will be resolved before the convention.

It's less than a horse race among the Replicans, with John McCain shutting out Mike Huckabee and winning convincingly 50-41% in Virginia, 55-29% in Maryland and 68-17% in DC. He now holds a substatial lead in the delegate count.

McCain's task is to try to unify the GOP behind him,something that will take some doing but is undoubtedly getting a boost as the spectre of Hillary or Obama as president comes closer to reality.


Unknown said...

Hold your horses, McCain still has to win 50% of the remaining delegates (not just against Huckabee, but against all others combined), something he's rarely been able to do except in these Washington insider states or winner-take-all states, and there's only one more (17-delegate) winner-take-all. McCain's in trouble.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Orde,
Thanks for dropping by.

McCain has better than two thirds of the delegates needed to be nominated ( 800+).

Do the math. There is no possible way Mike Huckabee can be nominated, unless he wins everything from here on in and Romney throws his support to him, something I think you'll grant is in the `when pigs fly' category.

The only other way if McCain drops dead or bows out before the convention or if the convention is stampeded by a major party revolt.

Again,both scenarios are highly unlikely.

I appreciate your feelings on the matter, and I have a number of misgivings myself, but John McCain is the likely GOP nominee.

Best to face up to that and figure out what you plan to do about it...with the knowledge that Hillary or Obama will likely be the alternative offered.


Unknown said...

Foul! While ignoring my whole point (that it's about winning by brokered convention, not primary), you follow the herd with your strawman suggestion that Huckabee supporters believe there's some chance of winning primary delegates for the nomination--baloney, not one person I know says that, you've created a fake Huckabee position to knock down.

Our position is that it's all about getting a brokered convention--and for McCain to avoid that he will have to do what he has been unable to do (outside the beltway states)--he has to win 50% of the remaining delegates.

I don't have to think about the alternative of a Huckabee loss, because a McCain win guarantees horrendous national security implications, and I say guarantees because we already know where McCain stands...with James Jones, who has served McCain before and could well end up Sec of State, or worse VP (and given McCain's age and history of malignant melanoma, that could mean a Jones presidency). The politial and economic jihad (with the physical jihad closely behind) is the greatest threat facing us, and I'm leaning taking my slim chances with Obama than my slimmer chances with McCain, since his opinions are well known.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear Orde,
I think the odds on a brokered convention are slim and none - especially now that Romney has endorsed McCain, something I saw coming in about a month anyway.Mitt simply saw this as jumping the gun before McCainwon enough delegates on his own to clinch things.

I actually think Obama's actual opinions are pretty well known basd onwho's supporting him ..but if you plan a protest vote as a gesture, you certainly have that right!