Sunday, February 24, 2008

Iran Continues Nukes Quest With New Centrifuges

Iran today confirmed that it was running a new generation of centrifuges capable of enriching uranium at more than double the rate of the old machines.

This is the first official confirmation by Iran that they were now using the new IR-2centrifuges.

"We are (now) running a new generation of centrifuges," the official IRNA news agency quoted Javad Vaidi, deputy of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, as saying.

Iran is facing a third round of sanctions from the UN Security Council, and supposedly the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany have agreed on a draft resolution for that third set of sanctions that will probably be as effective as the first two were...which is to say not very much.

Nevertheless, Iran has threatened that they will retaliate if another round of sanctions is approved.

"Some Western countries want to follow the wrong path and we suggest they take heed from their past experiences," Javad Vaeedi was quoted as saying by the state-run IRNA.

"Choosing the wrong path and adopting a new resolution will have a cost for those countries," he added.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday warned of "firm reprisals" against any country leading the way to impose new sanctions, adding that Iran was "not joking."

"They could spend 100 years passing resolutions but it will not change anything," he said in an interview with state television.

He's certainly correct there.

Someone else who's likely correct is Mohammad Mohadessin, a leader of the exiled National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, he said that there is absolutely no doubt that Iran is actively pursuing nuclear weapons.

He's the leader of one of the dissident groups who busted Iran's clandestine nukes program over four years ago. And as we know, the Iranian dissident groups information has consistently been a lot more accurate than the CIA's...and let's not even mention Inspector Clouseau Mohammed El-Baradi and the IAEA.

Mohadessin told the reporters that he had direct intel collected on two sites in Iran on top secret nuclear warheads.

The first site at Khojir, in a Tehran suburb, is an Iranian defence ministry missile-research site which is developing a nuclear warhead for medium-range missiles, he said.

The other facility, in another Tehran suburb, was described as the "command and control centre" for production of a nuclear bomb.

Mohadessin said the revelations had been handed over to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on Tuesday.

North Korean experts are cooperating with the Iranian regime in the project, the Paris-based group said.

"The clerical regime (in Iran) has not ceased its nuclear weapons programme, rather it has expedited its activities and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has taken greater control of the programme," said Mohadessin, chairman of the group's foreign affairs committee..

Mohadessin said Tuesday that for a while Iran had slowed down its weapons programme.

It had erased all traces of its earlier research centre in 2003 and moved over to Mojdeh, next to the Malek Ashtar university under the name "Field for Expansion of Deployment of Advanced Technologies," he said, his comments accompanied by satellite photographs to back up the claims.

Another site that the dissidents busted some time ago is one that Johsua's Army members have been aware of for a long time, constructed by the Mullahs at Neyshabour.

This is a top secret base designed as a mirror of the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz,except this one is underground and protected 24-7 by the Pasdaran (AKA the Republican Guard)...and also unlike Natanz, the IAEA has never been inside.

President Bush is aware of all this, I'm sure.Four and a half years after becoming aware of this particular rattler baring its fangs, we're still playing games with meaningless sanctions.

The Iranians have made no secret of the fact that they're at war with The Grest Satan. We continue to ignore this and pretend that it doesn't exist to our ultimate peril.

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When Osama bin Laden's Super Whammy Punch hits the United States (landed with the assistance of George W. Bush and the Federal Reserve System) you won't have to worry about Iran.