Friday, February 15, 2008

The Saudis Prepare To Execute A Woman - For Witchcraft

"She's A Witch! Burn Her!"

No,this isn't a bit in a Monty Python movie...this is the real stuff.

Our `Eternal friends' the Saudis are preparing to chop off the head of one Fawza Falih for witchcraft, in the northern Saudi town of Quraiyat based on a supposed 'confession' and on statements from witnesses who said she had "bewitched" them.

Falih, who is illiterate, later retracted her confession, claiming it was extracted under duress by the kingdom's religious police, and that she did not understand the document she says was forced to fingerprint.

The Saudi court cited testimony in which a man claimed he became impotent after being bewitched by Falih.Allegedly, she was supposed to have used jinns in her sorcery.

The death sentence was issued, according to the court for the benefit of "public interest" and to "protect the creed, souls and property of this country."

Some human rights groups have appealed to King Abdullah to pardon the woman, an din mayhappen, since this particular case happened to see some daylight. I'm sure there are plenty of others we never hear about.

This is the sort of culture and mindset that the Saudis are spending millions to import into the west under the guise of multiculturalism - without hindrance in the slightest from our leaders.

Keep this in mind the next time some tool starts talking to you about `Islamophobia' or allowing sharia law to be used in this country.


Soccer Dad said...

Did you see yesterday's Best of the Web Today?

I sent in an item about this, with the subject, "But I got better..." and the great James Taranto did the rest.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi SD.
No, I didn't see it, but it sure is an obvious thing to bring the Python skit to mind,isn't it?

Simply amazing that we allow these people to have some much access to our society.

Unknown said...

Bush has been aggressively pushing for more cultural exchange, more visas for Saudis to study here...says this is the solution to fighting terrorism. So, not only is this administration not hindering the spread of Wahhabism (Salafism), they're aiding it, inviting them in! They are all about doing what the Saudis and other Arab League nations want in regards to Israel as well. Also, the Salafis often join with Muslim Brotherhood, and both ideologies are influencing universities, State Dept and Defense Dept (though Hesham Islam just got fired,uh,"retired," woo-hoo!). It's weird, we are propping up the wrong elements within Islam, very crazy. And looks like McCain is following right along with this approach, not good.

Oh, and note that Bush this week announced that Kenya needed a return to full democracy--now, think about it, this obsession of pressuring democracy may be the vogue position, but it's stupid--full democracy now will lead to Odinga=> legitimization of Shariah in Kenya, since he signed the Memorandum of Understanding. (And Condi gave a crazy speech at Georgetown. Oh, and what's up with US subsidizing Russia to help Iran w/ about not hindering the enemy!)

As for the witchcraft case, in Sunni Islam witchcraft is considered to be a type of shirk, which is the worst sin of all, so it's serious stuff to them--especially the Wahhabis with all their emphasis on Tawheed (monotheism).

GW said...

Hello FF,

I agree with all your comments on the Saudis. Here is a bit more on their moral police and witchcraft. It is like stepping back a millenium in time.