Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations, 2/19/08

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week's Council nominations can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

Do take the time and check out the non-Council links..they are always rewarding.

Here's this week's lineup:

Muslims and the Right Not To Be Offended Joshuapundit -This week, I look at this weeks' riots in Denmark as yet another example of seething Muslim rage and violence and draw the conclusion that one could sum up what seems to offend the majority of Muslims quite nicely as simply the inherant nature of living in a secular democracy where ideas - and let's be honest about it, whole groups of people - are free to believe or to live in ways that Islam's supremist ideology finds dangerous.

What we're really talking about of course, is whether there is a right not to be offended and what one has the right to do about it.....and I suggest that a constant violent reaction to non-violent free expression may lead to unintended consequences.

WWRD? Rhymes With Right - In this case, the initials stand for 'What would Reagan Do?' and Greg asks the question looking at the imminent nomination of John McCain, and gives us Michael Reagan's opinion on his father's probable course. I agree with him.

Re-Wiring the Problem Done With Mirrors - Callimachus takes a look at the problem of so-called 'honor killings' and the politically correct attempts to re-frame them as a problem of male misogyny rather than a problem inherent in Islam...which course it in fact is. I'm reminded of the old story of a British colonel in India who protested against the old Hindu custom of suttee, (the burning alive of a widow on her husband's funeral pyre) and was told it was the custom and could not be changed. "Well in my country", he replied "our custom is to hang men who murder women. You may keep to your custom,and we shall keep to ours."

Le Figaro on the Upcoming American Presidential Election The Glittering Eye - Dave Schuler gives us a view of our current election campaign through European eyes.

Iraqi Political Progress Leaves Few Places For The Left To Move The Target Wolf Howling - GW has a nice piece that points out the essential dilemma for the Democrats and their cohorts in the Angry Left - there's enough progress going on in the 'quagmire' so as to make it almost a non-issue unless they're preaching to a very select group of the leftist Faithful. The solution they've adopted,of course, is to barely mention it and hope we all forget about the appalling things they've said and done over the past couple of years.

When a Man Stops Believing in God... Big Lizards - Daffyd parses the astounding remarks of the Archbishop of Canterbury on sharia law in Britain with his usual level of detail.

Anti-Terror Fantasies Soccer Dad - This week, Soccer Dad does one of those 'forum ' type pieces he does so well, contrasting different opinions who pulled off the hit on terrorist murderer Imad Mugniyeh. Nice job o' rodent removal whomever was responsible, I say...

Why You Should Roll Your Eyes and Laugh at Democrats Who "Want Every Vote Counted" The Colossus of Rhodey - Hube looks at the insider superdelegate process within the Democratic party and points out the hypocrisy of some Democrats in whining about disenfranchising voters. Actually, Hube, when one looks at the antics in Chicago, Philadelphia and other Democrat strongholds one can only conclude that the Democrats really do want every vote counted...as long as it's for them,in which case you can even count them two or three times,as long as the 'right people' win!

On The Mountaintop With Obama Cheat Seeking Missiles - Laer looks at the phenomenon of Obama-mania and shows us,once again, that Leftism is a religion rather than an exercise in the war of ideas. Ann Coulter wrote an entire book on the subject, for those with an interest.

Dumb Question Bookworm Room - Ms Bookworm got a look at what she perceived as a piece of anti-American propaganda, Julie Tamor's film Across The Universe that takes place during the Vietnam era (with, as she notes, more than a nudge/wink towards the Iraq War) and portrays the US as viciously imperialist, its military as souless killers and anti-War protesters, a number of whom could quite credibly been prosecuted for treason as heroes positively dripping with nobility.

She asks the not at all dumb question: when it became so fashionable in certain circles to hate one's own country? Personally, I think the rot started in the 1930's and 1940's with the subversion coming from the penetration of Soviet spies and sympathizers into various areas of American life, cascaded in the 1960's as their children, the 'red diaper babies' came of age, and now is alive and well in academia, some areas of gevernment and the media, where the`60's radicals retreated to after Vietnam. From these safe havens,they passed the virus on to their children and to other people's children they were able to indoctrinate. For insights on how this process worked, I recommend David Horowitz's Radical Son and Mona Charen's Useful Idiots, among other decent books on the subject.

The Disastrous D.C. School System The Education Wonks - EdWonks looks at the appalling education situation in our nation's capitol.Two words: school choice.

Make Washington's Birthday a National Holiday Again Right Wing Nut House -Rick likes the idea of the Father of Our Country once again receiving the honor of his own special day. I agree with him.

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