Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wedding Bells For Sarko And Carla

French President Nicholas Sarkozy and model-singer Carla Bruni married in a small ceremony today attended by close friends and family at the Elysee Palace, the president's official residence. He became the first French president in more than 70 years to marry while in office, less than four months after becoming the first French president to divorce while in office.

Sarkozy, when pestered almost beyond endurance by the media had predicted that they wouldn't find out about his wedding until after it was over, and he was right. Not that the media appreciated it!

Sarko reportedly met Bruni at a party in November about a month after he divorced his ex-wife, Cecilia.

Interestingly, according to the polls the French apparently don't begrude Sarkozy his love life, but are annoyed that it was so public and feel that he's been concentrating too much on his personal life and not enough on affairs on state. Now that the wedding is over, perhaps he can make up some lost ground.

Anyway, you can't fight love....

Bonne chance, M. et Mme le Président. Et félicitations de la part de JoshuaPundit!


Anonymous said...

this makes me sick. sarkozy makes france look stupid all over the world. i hope carla dumps his ass in a couple of months, that ll teach him!

Freedom Fighter said...

I knew Carla had to have left a few ex-boyfiends behind ; )