Monday, February 04, 2008

Homicide Bomber Strikes In Israel

A pair of Palestinian homicide bombers crossed the Israeli-Egypt border into Southern Israel and set off a bomb belt among a crowd in the shopping mall of Dimona, Israel today, killing one woman and wounding 48 people one of them critically.Among the casualties were a number of women and children.

The casualty toll would undoubtedly have been greater except for the fact that the first bomber apparently detonated his bomb belt without signalling to the second bomber, who was knocked down by blast. He had gotten to this feet and was preparing to detonate the second bomb belt when he shot dead by an heroic Israeli police officer, Kobi Mor who fearlessly rushed the bomber rather than taking cover.

Fatah's al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades spokesman Abu Walid claimed responsibility for the attack and disclosed that the two terrorists came from Gaza and entered Israel through Sinai.

However, Israeli intelligence believes that the bombers actually came from Hebron.The terrorists would have been able to easily infiltrate Israeli territory from there because the security fence south of Hebron Hills has yet to be built, and there's nothing to stop an infiltration from that point to Dimona.

The last Palestinian homicide bombing was a year ago, on January 29th 2007, when a bomb was set off in a bakery in Eilat and killed three people.

Since the Gaza border breach by Hamas, all of Southern Israel has been on high alert along the unfenced Egyptian-Israeli Sinai border.

As for the Palestinians the news of a successful murder of a Jew was celebrated the same way 9/11 celebrating and handing out flowers and sweets.

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