Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Real Numbers On American Muslims

The non-partisan ( but left skewed) Pew Research Foundation released a fascinating study through their Forum on Religion & Public Life that made the news recently.

While the study drew a number of conclusions on where religious life is going in America, one of the little things that interested me was a survey Pew did on religious affiliations.

According to Pew, the percentage of Muslims in America is on 0.6%...about 1.8 million people. This is consistent with the 2.37 million that Pew's 2007 survey on American Muslims put the total number at. And part of the discrepancy in the two figures could come from whether one counts the members of the Nation of Islam.

That's a pretty far cry from what we've been hearing from CAIR, the MPAC and ISNA, who've been quoting figures of 7 to 8 million.

Let's split the difference and say it's 2 million, give or take.

When one looks at the hue and cry over 'Islamophobia' from various sources, obviously there are too few Muslims in most of the US to spark all this supposed discrimination. And CAIR is obviously not representing the major political constituency it claims to.

So this is obviously being manufactured on some level. Ask yourself why and examine the little fact that the Saudis and the UAE are paying most of the bills for this lobbying, hiring ex-US politicans by the barrelful and investing in US corporations, media and academia and a pattern begins to reveal itself.

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Anonymous said...

i say we start deporting those (obviously) 6 million illegals.