Friday, February 08, 2008

Worthwhile Reading, 2/10/08

Here's a little reading for a Sunday:

Peggy Noonan - Can Mrs. Clinton Lose -- With Grace? - Peggy Noonan sees Barack Obama as winning the Democrat race, and wonders if Mrs. Clinton will emulate Mitt Romney or bring the temple of the Phillistines down with her if she falls.

Who do Arabs the White House? - - Spot On's Christopher Allbritton comes up with the obvious answer - Barack Obama.

The Archbishop's Speech and Dhimmi - Or Just Dim? A double play in the Spectator, in which Melanie Phillips eviscerates the puerile remarks of Dr. Rowan William, Archbishop of Canterbury and his call for sharia law to be recognized in Britain.

Mark Steyn: McCain can sure sound like a conservative - The latest by Mark Steyn
on McCain and conservatives..

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