Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Andrew Sullivan Plays Hypocrite - Again

My, my.

The Atlantic's resident drama queen has his panties in a knot over author Marc Thiessen ( who's a Catholic) defending enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding on a Catholic TV interview and actually getting a respectful hearing.

Sully goes on to pull out all the histrionic stops, even comparing what happened at places like Gitmo to the way the way in which the Romans treated Jesus on the cross.And he quotes various points of Church doctrine to prove how sinful it all is, and to condemn Thiessen and the interviewer,Raymond Arroyo for violating Church law, dammit!

Now, I also dislike hypocrites, when it comes down to it. So what are we to say about someone who picks and chooses Church doctrine to make a point but ignores it when it's inconvenient - say, when it comes to having sex with other men?

And what about the Church's position on slander? I wonder how Church law would treat Sully's obscene lies about Sarah Palin's uterus and her child Trig?

And oh yes,I almost forgot - what about Sully's own kinky brand of Jew hatred?

Of course, the thing that Sully doesn't want to face is that his living gawd Barack Obama and Obama's AG Eric Holder don't want to prosecute ex-VP Cheney or any of the Bush functionaries over what Sully squeals about as 'torture'...because they considered it back in the beginning and realized that not only wouldn't it play at all well with the rubes in flyover country but that they would likely lose, both politically and legally. So they essentially dropped the idea.

Of course, you won't hear the likes of Antsy Andy getting up off his knees to shriek and moan at Obama or Holder for their inconsistency and sin, based on his criteria.

Talk about hypocrisy...what an utterly contemptible, cowardly person.

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Anonymous said...

You are a moron. Sullivan has been consistently and highly critical of the Obama administration's refusal to prosecute alleged war crimes.

And pretty much every thing else you wrote was bigoted and stupid, too.

I won't be back.

Rhymes With Right said...

Yeah, it is amusing how he is so outraged over one individual's alleged lack of fidelity to Catholic teaching (and, implicitly, the US government's failure to abide by Pope Andy's interpretation of Catholic teaching) -- while at the same time he supports gay marriage, gay sex, and abortion and insists that all need to be legal under civil and Church law for both the Church and the State to be in full conformity with the teachings of Jesus (as revised by Pope Andy).

Personally, I suggest that he re-read and seriously reflect upon Nostra Aetate before he makes another post about Jews or Israel.

Anonymous said...

This is now the third blog in two days that I have read about this rather intellectually deficient individual Sully. Is there no other way to marganalize this emotionally inept individual other than bring attention to his absurd musing?

BTW glad you are doing better.

Mark said...

Talk about hypocrisy....those who preach human rights while defending torture.... like many of my fellow republicans do because they are so scared.....what utterly contemptible, cowardly persons.

Anonymous said...

You might actually someday get to be as popular and as intelligent as Mr Sullivan is, if you could put away your 4th grade insults to homosexuals and act like an adult.

But, I see that's a common trait in the teabagging self-loathers of the far-Right.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Greg,
Yes, I find Sully's hypocrisy to be pretty disgusting..especially his anti-Semitism.

Elise, thanks for the kind words.

I see I attracted some notice from some of Sully's minions (Look it up)

All of you mimic Sullivan in not having a clue as to what torture actually is and what it isn't, and the enhanced interrogation techniques definitely ain't.

You also show no concern at all for the lives these techniques saved.

Unlike you, I won't make assumptions that all of you share Sully's Jew hatred,but will simply assume until I know better that you simply aren't thinking.

And speaking of fourth grade insults...'teabagging'?

I'm much more interested in truth and clarity than mere popularity, and since you obviously aren't willing to challenge your puerile world views, by all means find a more congenial area in cyberspace that caters to you.


Robert J. Avrech said...


Sullivan is the classic Jew-hater who masks his malignant hatred behind a facade of, ahem, anti-Zionism.

Sullivan and his progressive friends froth at the mouth about Israel, Gitmo, enhanced interrogation, and, natch, global warming/climate change/whatever they're calling it this week.

But nary a word for Congo, where 5.4 million people have been murdered since 1997, where 45,000 people are butchered every month, where rape, torture, mutilation and sexual slavery have become part and parcel of the landscape.

As always, so-called progressives deal with phantom wrongs and ignore true evil.

It's good to have you back. Refuah shlemah.