Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Purim Wisdom - From Rabbi Berel Wein

Here's some noteworthy Purim wisdom from the famous Torah scholar Rabbi Berel Wein on the message of Purim for today:

In thinking about Purim 5770/2010 a few things are fairly obvious. There is no shortage of Hamans around, with the current Persian ruler a good leading candidate for the part. Nassralah, Mashad and a few others of our cousins can also be counted to be in contention for the role.

There are also many contenders for the role of Achashvairosh ( King Ahaseurus). These include Goldstone, Ban, the Guardian, Putin and sometimes even the professors and intellectuals of the Israeli left who demand that the universities that pay their salaries somehow be subjected to boycott and deligitimization.

In fact many of the so-called Western world leaders are certainly capable of being stand-ins for the false and power hungry king who has no scruples over participating in the threatened annihilation of millions of Jews.

The main crime that Jews are guilty of is the crime of being Jews. There are other faults that the Jews possess, certainly individual Jews, but those are only ancillary issues compared to the great crime that the Jews are a “different” people. And there is no repentance possible for that crime.

The American Secretary of State, powerless and forced to always be flitting around the world so she can’t influence and trouble the American administration in Washington, probably is a good candidate for the poor Queen Vashti, who had her head handed to her by a loveless boss. Maybe our own Tzipi can also audition for that role of being unable to deal with the fact that she is not currently running the country. The current contrempts over Naomi and her beloved but ill named New Israel Fund makes her also a possible contender for that part. And then there are the secretaries, spokesmen, roving ambassadors and the State Department who merrily execute the orders of Achashvairosh and Haman without any hesitations or moral compunctions. And in the spirit of Purim everyone is wearing a costume and a disguise so that the whole situation is seemingly backwards and turned on end.

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B/Poster said...

This is a good article, however, I think it could be better if Obama and the former President Bush were named as part of the problem. Its interesting that Putin is mentioned directly but neither Obama or Bush are mentioned directly.