Saturday, February 06, 2010

Obama To Give $40 Million to Hamas Through UNRWA

After a report by commissioned by the European Parliament showed that Hamas terrorists were deeply involved in the day-to-day running of UNRWA and had been chosen by the agency to oversee its Gaza facilities,the Canadian government decided on principle to stop supporting UNRWA and give any funding it earmarks for the Palestinians into programs it says are consistent with Canadian values:

Victor Toews, president of the Canadian Treasury Board, told reporters that he met in Ramallah on January 9 to discuss the matter with Ali al-Jarbawi, PA Minister of Planning and Administrative Development. Also present at the meeting were two other PA officials, PA Justice Minister Ali Khashan and PA Attorney-General Ahmed al-Mughani.

Toews related that at the meeting, al-Jarbawi asked that the money be deposited “directly" to the PA Treasury. However, Toews said, the Canadian government refused the request.

“Canada has made a $300 million commitment over five years to the Palestinian Authority, but we want to put that money only into programs that are consistent with Canadian values,” he explained. “We are going to focus directing our funds on institution-building in the PA, such as building a proper functioning justice system… I told him [Jarbawi] that our [Canada’s] paramount concern is the security of Israel.”

Obama's response? The Obama administration has decided to bridge the gap by giving $40 million of your tax dollars in funding to the Hamas friendly UN organization.

For those of you who don't know, the United Nations Works Relief Authority(UNRWA) was established after the 1948 failed Arab jihad against Israel as an agency solely designed to cater to Arab refugees of that war, and independent of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.The UN channeled millions of dollars in aid to these Arab refugees while not devoting a nickle to the almost 1 million Jewish refugees who were ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948.

During its sordid history, UNRWA has done absolutely nothing to get the Arab refugees out of the refugee camps or pressure Arab governments to alleviate their status. Instead, the agency has been busted countless times for aiding and abetting terrorists from the PLO and Hamas targeting Israeli civilians.

In Jenin for instance,the IDF actually uncovered a PLO terrorist training area in the refugee camp there when the IDF went into Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield in 2003. And that's hardly the only occurrence.

It's despicable enough that the UN funds such an organization, and I congratulate Stephen Harper and the Canadian government for pulling the plug.

I can say no such thing about Prez Zero's instantly stepping up to the plate to make sure no Hamas terrorists lack for funds.

It is beyond despicable, and it goes back to something I said along time ago - Barack Hussein Obama's grand plan for Middle East peace involves giving Israel and the Jews to Radical Islam with the absolutely silly idea that the crocodile will be satisfied with one meal.

I'm not sure whether Obama needs to run this through Congress or whether he can simply do it through an executive order, like the last time he gave millions to Hamas.

But I plan to contact a few Congressmen I'm on reasonable terms with and find out, and if this needs to go through Congress rest assured that I plan to shine the light on any cockroaches voting for this obscenity.

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B.Poster said...

Yhis is nuts. Hamas is an enemy of the United States. Apparently we have elected leaders who do not give a whit about the surviavl of America or Americans in general. HAve we lost our way to the point that we have become suicidal as a nation, a culture, and as a people.

jgmurphy said...

I cannot believe the irresponsible distortions you are posting here! The Money Obama has pledged is not "to Hamas" as you so calumnously claim---but to UNRWA, a RELIEF agency for REFUGEES! I read the actual article that you linked to. How dare you mislead people like this and try to make it look as though Obama is writing Hamas a check? What kind of person are you?
UNRWA is a universally approved UN agency that provides food, water and shelter to refugees of battle (mostly women and children). Lets starve and make all these people homeless because some rightwing Canadian nutjob says so? Yeah right! Here is an interesting paragraph from the article that you conveiently ignored:
"UNRWA: ‘Ill-Judged Politically-Motivated Allegations’
Jerusalem-based UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said flatly the allegations were “baseless.” In a written response sent to Israel National News, Gunness noted that the United States and Europe, “which give serious support to the State of Israel, are UNRWA’s two most generous supporters. If these baseless allegations were even halfway true, do you really think the US and EC would give us hundreds of millions of dollars each year?” he asked.

“The latest US Government Accountability Office audit of UNRWA – the result of months of detailed investigations into these sorts of allegations – show how ill-judged these politically motivated allegations are,” he said.

Gunness also claimed that it is in Israel’s interest to maintain a strong UNRWA, “contributing to the peace and stability of this region – a fact recognized by the Israeli government which regularly praises our work,” he said. “There are groups who seem to think that if UNRWA were de-funded and disappeared, the refugees would disappear too. This is a deluded fiction,” he stated."

Freedom Fighter said...

Joanne, I'm afraid you are misinformed and perhaps unaware on UNRWA's record.Far from being a 'distortion' I unfortunately have it exactly right.

That's why the Canadians stopped funding it...because Hamas operatives were deeply embedded in the organization in Gaza.As such, Hamas essentially controls the distribution of aid and uses it as an element of control.So yes, it essentially IS a check to Hamas..and not the first one President Obama has written.

As for UNRWA, it has been caught shielding terrorists and the camps it administers have actually been used as training camps for Hamas and the al-Aksa Martyr's brigade, in violation of UNRWA's own alleged mission.

Read up on what the Israelis found in UNRWA administered camps like Jenin after Operation Defensive Shield, which was conducted in response to the war Arafat unleashed against Israel's civilians.

You might also find this a bit of an eye-opener.

And by all means, let's examine what the UNRWA spokesman had to say..but let's be accurate.

The 'Palestinian' are the only refugee group to have a UN agency all to themselves.All other refugees are handled by the UN High Commissioner for refugees, which employs roughly HALF of the employees UNRWA does and has only a fraction of its funding.As a matter of fact, the 'Palestinians' have had more aid per capita than any other developing nation.

UNRWA has done nothing whatsoever to insist that either Hamas or the Palestinian Authority spend the funds they control on actually improving the lot of the people they claim to speak for instead of spending those funds pursuing the war against the Jews and providing fortunes for the Palestinian leaders.

In doing so, UNRWA has become an enabler in allowing corruption and violence, while keeping it's own funding intact to solve a never ending 'problem', which suits the UN bureaucrats working for UNRWA who hold down well paid sinecures just fine, because they can continue business as usual.

Moreover, many of the people UNRWA claims on its client list as 'refugees' are actually Jordanian citizens and not stateless at all.

In fact, ALL of them in Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank)were Jordanians until Jordan changed its laws around 1996.

Finally, let's take the statement :

“There are groups who seem to think that if UNRWA were de-funded and disappeared, the refugees would disappear too. This is a deluded fiction.”

In fact, that's exactly what would happen. There were over a million Jewish refugees who were ethnically cleansed from the Arab World after the Arabs attacked Israel in 1948 whom were resettled in Israel at that nation's own expense without a dimes worth of help from the UN.

UNRWA essentially allowed the Arab states avoid doing the same thing and to use these people as political pawns.

Without UNRWA, groups like Hamas and the Palestinian Authority would either have to devote their time and money to actually caring for their polity ( which would mean making peace with Israel, horrors!)or watch it fade away as people voted with their feet and simply left..

Of course, that means Mr. Gunness and his friends would have to look for a job too.