Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's Next On ObamaCare

According to my sources, the Obama Administration has pretty much decided to try and push this through nuclear style, via reconciliation. Look for Obama himself to announce it at a presser midweek.

One sign is that Nancy Pelosi is already admonishing her fellow Donkeys to take a bullet for Obama saying they should be willing to sacrifice their seats 'for the people.'

Of course, that kind of courage comes easy when you represent ├╝ber-Leftist Marin County in San Francisco and your own personal seat is safe.

According to Kent Conrad (d-SD), the Senate budget committee chairman, the House would have to pass the current flawed Senate bill first in order for reconciliation to be used. That would take 217 votes. And before that, the House would want a guarantee that the Senate would be able to pass the Obama bill put forth by the president, after which they would have to have the votes in the House to pass the new bill.

Fairness or even political common sense isn't even on the table. Rest assured that Pelosi, Reid and Obama will use every single tool of bribery and coercion to get this through, even if it means promising wavering Dems campaign cash or cushy jobs in the administration or with the administration's private sector allies if they lose their seats in November because of Obamacare votes.

What Obama and his minions are counting on is shoving this through now even though the American people oppose it with the idea of getting it embedded enough that it will be extremely difficult to repeal later. And in any event, the damage to America's health care system and our economy will already have been done.

Normally, this sort of thing is precluded by political common sense if nothing else. But we are dealing with ideologues here, not rational actors.

If you look carefully at the steps the Obama Administration has taken -the quadrupling of the national debt, the outsized spending, the governmental attack on private enterprise among others - they make no sense. Unless of course, you were deliberately trying to create a crisis situation where the economy fails and a desperate population is dependent for their necessities on the largess of the Obama White House.

In the latter case, it's simply Alinsky 101.

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B.Poster said...

"....dependent for their necessities on the largess of the Obama White House." Perhaps you are right, however, who is going to pay for it.

Often times throughout the world corrupt socialist regimes have been kept afloat by American foreign aid. Who pays the bill to keep America's corrupt socialist regime afloat. Certainly not the Chinese, the Saudis, the Japanese or anyone else. If this passes, I would expect America's foreign creditors to bail.

They must be looking at this and thinking we are not serious. If we are serious about passing this, I wouild expect them to stop buying American debts. Also, I wouldn't expect the Federal Reserve to suppor this either.

I think this is a case of ideology rather than something deliberate, however, in the end, it really makes no difference. The American need to oppose. If we don't, our creditors and other "allies" will and they will see to it that this is the end of America as we know it.

Finally, which private sector entities will give away "cush jobs?" Those in the private sector survive by offering the best products and services at the least expensive price possible. As such, there are no "cush jobs" in the private sector to be had. Now the government has been known to give away "cush jobs", however, if Obamacare passes the Chinese and others are not going to finance these "cush jobs." In other words, Mr. Obama and company would be well advised not to make promises they cannot keep. Surely those being bribed are aware of the problem. At least they are, if they are not blinded by ideology.