Thursday, February 25, 2010

ObamaCare Summit Follies - The Juicy Bits

( from Chris Muir at Day By Day of course!)

What's going on today at Blair House is absolutely unbelievable.

What we're seeing, I think, is ObamaCare crashing and burning before our eyes, although I expect the Democrats to take one more stab at shoving this through and foisting it on the American people.

Obama still hasn't gotten the message, that the vast majority of Americans see ObamaCare for what it is and don't want any part of it.

Even worse, he had the overweening arrogance to think that he, the ObamaMessiah,could rescue this travesty by the sheer force of his persona.

In show biz, that's usually known as reading your own press releases too much.

Instead of the dialog he claimed it was going to be , the president tried to set this up as an infomercial, giving himself and the other proponents of Obamacare better than twice the amount of talking time while cutting Republicans off with what can only be defined as calculated rudeness. Here's a sample, with Prez Zero dissing Senator John McCain:

(I included two clips to get the full exchange, and there's some overlapping)

What a class act, eh? Is this any different than Obama telling Rep. Eric Cantor shut it because 'I won'?

And speaking of Cantor, Obama actually scolded him like he was speaking to a twelve-year -old for having the nerve to bring the entire 2,400 page bill into the summit.

Notice, Obama has no answer about the Louisiana Purchase ( which is still in his revised bill), the Cornhusker Kickback, or Obama's borderline illegal deal with Big Pharma, in which Pharma agreed to cut costs $80 billion and run $150 million in ads supporting ObamaCare in exchange for Obama agreeing to prohibit his government run healthcare from bargaining with them to get lower volume prices on drugs for the American people, import drugs from Canada or pursue Medicare rebates or to shift some drugs from to different Medicare plans, which would save Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.

Obama's answer? "We're not in campaign mode anymore."

He didn't even bother to address the sleazy way ObamaCare was concocted behind closed doors or the fact that the American people don't want any part of it - that would be 'unhelpful'.

Have we ever had a more condescending, arrogant spoiled brat intent on getting his way at all costs in the Oval Office?

And speaking of not campaigning, what have Obama and his gang in the White House been doing from the day they walked in the door? For that matter, what were they doing yesterday?

Obama's Angry Left base might enjoy this side of Obama, but I don't think anyone else will who's not already a true believer. And they're in a distinct minority of late.

Actually, the real audience today is not really the American people - Obama discounted them months ago.The real intended audience is the Democrats in Congress, to try and get their blood up to cast a vote for ObamaCare and take a bullet for the president come November.

Instead, what they're seeing is an epic fail, as Obama and the Democrat's leadership fail to make the case.

Listening to threats like the one from the oafish Dick Durbin to 'start reconciliation Monday' to try and shove this through only makes it more obvious that it isn't going to happen.

Oh, don't get me wrong...they'll try, and this needs watching. But this particular version of ObamaCare is likely DOA unless I'm very mistaken.

So, will the president finally get the message and start focusing on something else?

You're kidding me, right? His ego won't allow it.

No, I expect he'll he'll come back with a scaled down version of ObamaCare that the Left will despise because it doesn't spend enough and the GOP will hate because it spends too much and doesn't address any of the real issues.

Like I said, epic fail.

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