Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cowardly UK Jews Cave To Pressure And Disinvite Israeli Academic

The Israel Society at Britain's Cambridge University decided to bend to pressure and canceled a talk by the internationally known Ben-Gurion University of the Negev historian Benny Morris after local jihadists and Brit Palestinian groupies accused them of sponsoring “Islamophobia” and “racism.”

What happened is that a local 'anti-Zionist' named Ben White whose magnum opus is “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide” decided to target Morris' appearance and started a FaceBook protest page in which he claimed that “on different occasions, Morris has expressed Islamophobic and racist sentiments towards Arabs and Muslims” without going into any major details.

He then got the local Islamic society involved, who upped the pressure on the University and wrote a letter to the student union that had several faculty members as signatories asking them to show they were serious “in opposing bigotry and Islamophobia.”

And the dhimmified Jews at the Israel society caved:

Jake Witzenfeld, president of Cambridge University’s Israel Society, canceled the Morris talk, apologizing for any “unintended offense.”

“I decided to cancel for fear of the Israel Society being portrayed as a mouthpiece of Islamophobia,” he said. “We understand that whilst Professor Benny Morris’ contribution to history is highly respectable and significant, his personal views are, regrettably, deeply offensive to many.”

Even a castrato like Wirzenfeld, however, recognized the inherent hypocrisy involved, even if he lacks the guts to go to the wall over it:

“Canceling the lecture and choosing to recognize the sensitivities of those offended by Morris was unfortunate yet noble. I’m proud to be president of a society that behaves in such a way. But more fool us. Are we going to receive the same treatment? Or will we continue to be judged to a different standard?

“Consider the invitees of the Cambridge ‘Palestinian lobby.’ In March I went to hear Atwan speak – a man who has publicly said if Iranian missiles strike Israel, he would go to Trafalgar Square and ‘dance with delight.’

“In September, actress Miriam Margolis spoke at a student union event in association with the Palestine Society in a talk entitled, ‘An old Jew says sorry.’

“Her depiction of Jews as both bigoted and blood-thirsty appears to be of no concern to the organizers of the latest protest. When [lawyer] Michel Massih spoke in October, a man professionally distinguished by his defense of such luminaries as Sudan’s President Bashir, much of his content reeked of traditional anti-Semitic tropes, merely switching the word ‘Jew’ for ‘Zionist,’” Witzenfeld said.

“Why did I never complain about anti-Israel or anti-Jewish sentiment? It would have been easy. I had thought that when you choose to take an active interest in a conflict where multiple narratives exist, you accept that there is mutual respect amongst parties and that sometimes you will have to listen to things you might not want to hear. I was clearly wrong, too idealistic, trusting and naive,” he said.

Yes, you were wrong. But it didn't stop you and your pals from bending over for the local jihadis to do their bidding, now did it?

On the other hand, the Islamist and anti-Semitic Muslim Public Affairs committee
had no problem celebrating their victory and making plans to capitalize on it.

They're now urging other Muslim students to join their training sessions, “so that you too may learn how you can defend the Muslim ummah [nation] and fight for our freedom – just as the Cambridge University Islamic Society has done.”

Whatever else one can say about them, the MPAC and similar groups make no secret of their ultimate goals, to turn Britain into an Islamist country and make it inhospitable for any Jews - not just Israelis- to live there in peace and equality, no matter how servile they become. And so far, the current British government seems to be on board with the program.

If I were Jake Witzenfeld and his fellow Jews at Cambridge, I'd either be prepared to put up one hell of a fight or start packing to leave the UK.

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yzernik said...

It's not worth it. The UK is a lost cause. I'd be on the next plane to Israel.

DocRambo said...

Jake's e-mail is if anyone is interested in voicing opinions to him.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks Jim!

And M, you might be interested in this..and note, I wrote it three years ago.


trencherbone said...

Allah has ordered Muslims to exterminate the Jews as a compulsory religious duty.