Sunday, February 21, 2010

The GOP Steps In It Again

After President Obama announced a televised bi-partisan health care summit, both GOP Minority Whip Eric Cantor and GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell came out with bold statements calling for President Obama to prove he was serious about seeking bi-partisan input by ending his efforts to shove through the highly unpopular monstrosity known as ObamaCare, scrapping the existing nonsense and starting on a real bi-partisan bill from scratch.

Why they're so slow on the uptake is beyond me. Haven't they figured out by now that the way to tell whether Prez Zero is lying is to check whether his mouth is moving?

No sooner did they agree to attend the president's televised dog n' pony show than the news broke that Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were making plans to push through ObamaCare by a blatant misuse of the 51-vote reconciliation process anyway, come what may.

Now after that bit of blatant treachery,anyone with the normal quotient of gonads would have told Obama exactly what he could do with his summit'. But not the leadership - they plan on attending!

The Senate's top Republican promised Sunday morning that he and his members will attend President Obama's health care summit on Thursday "ready to participate" but said the Democrats are being "arrogant" by refusing to scrap their legislation and start over.

"You know, they are saying, "Ignore the wishes of the American people. We know more about this than you do. And we're going to jam it down your throats no matter what," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Fox News Sunday.

Republicans have accused the president of using Thursday's summit as political theater, and had raised the prospect of not attending. McConnell dismissed the idea of a GOP boycott, saying that "we're discussing the -- sort of the makeup of the room and that sort of thing, but yeah, I intend to be there and my members will be there and ready to participate."

Is McConnell really that dense? The 'summit' is going to be nothing more a photo-op for Prez Zero, nothing more. Come what may, Obama and the Donkeys are going to self-immolate by pushing this through - so why give Obama the satisfaction of participating in this sordid little circus?

Instead of that, the GOP should boycott the summit and do what I suggested a long time ago - introduce their own common sense, much cheaper health care reform plan as new legislation and let the country watch the Dems vote against it. The ideas already pretty much exist on the GOP website...are they incapable of having someone draft them into a short, easy to understand bill?

Instead of that, they've sat back and let Prez Zero and his pals frame the debate.

ObamaCare is failure on an epic level, but instead of letting Obama and the Democrats wallow in the ordure, the GOP leadership seems obsessed with smearing themselves with the nasty stuff.


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