Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Galt

Here's a note to the Angry Left - Try to tax the productive out of existence, and they go Galt and either cut production and investment, go underground or leave.

Here's a great example of how this works, although The Denver Post, of course examines it more as sociological dataspeak rather than look at the deeper story it is:

Sharon Poczatek knows many people would call her rich. Others might say her high income constitutes a just reward for hard work.

All she knows for certain is that her successful Boulder dental practice has her contemplating the fairness of government asking quarter-million-dollar earners to pay higher taxes.

When President Barack Obama first proposed tax hikes on the wealthy to start closing the budget gap, Poczatek had what she calls a "knee-jerk" idea of cutting back her practice to lower her income from $320,000 to just below the $250,000 trigger.

From the moment her musings went public on a national news website, backers of the increase chastised her for not understanding the tax code. Opponents embraced her as evidence that the proposal would destroy incentive and cost jobs. {...}

Poczatek, the Boulder dentist, grew up in Chicago, the daughter of a factory worker whose financial goal echoed the middle-class mantra: Give our children a better life.

As she considers where her income places her on the American financial hierarchy, she settles on a designation of "upper middle class" and ascribes it to her upbringing — a sense that you earn your rewards.

"I worked hard and I made it," Poczatek said. "I'm not a 'trust-afarian.' That, to me, is rich: People who aren't producing something but have wealth. We go to work every day to get that income, so I think of myself as upper middle class.

"But then suddenly you're 'rich.' It's like, how did that happen?"

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Anonymous said...

""But then suddenly you're 'rich.' It's like, how did that happen?""

Very easy to explain: you make almost five times more money than the average American. Mrs. Poczatek can cry about it.

Freedom Fighter said...

Yeah, the filthy kulak probably stole it out of the mouths of the starving, deserving peasants anyway, da, comrade?

What wanna be Kommissars like you never ever consider is how hard she worked, what her education cost, the risk she took with her own, hard earned capital to establish a business, and most importantly, how much money she contributes to the economy via the amount of jobs she's created, the supplies and services she buys, the rent she pays on her office or the taxes she pays.

I know that playing the class warfare card is standard operating procedure for people like you, but do remember the old story about the goose and the golden egg.


Rosey said...

How about the story of Oregon and the tax increases. Have you heard about the recently passed Measures 66 & 67? It has already caused jobs to leave Oregon. Nike is changing the way it does business to avoid some of the taxes. When you see the headline that Nike is moving it's headquarters to Bermuda or the Cayman Islands, you'll already know why. Meanwhile, Chicago, Las Vegas and Washington State have publicly announced that they will try to pick off Oregon companies. So who is John Galt?