Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News

Our thanks to the many wonderful friends of Joshuapundit around the nation (and maybe even the world) who have taken the time to send good wishes and prayers for my husband's recovery. I read him most of the comments, and he was very moved. So far, he is due to be released from the hospital tomorrow morning to begin on the road to recovery. He will very likely be back to the blogosphere very soon.

please helps me write more gooder!


PatriotUSA said...

Hope you get to feeling Much
better soon and return to
the blog world. It is a much
darker place without your
great insights and "gooder"

You have my prayers and best wishes.

Avraham said...

get better soon!!

Mark Blades said...

I just read about your illness on Gates of Vienna. I've come to trust the truthfulness of those peoples' blogs, so I trust that you're one of the 'good guys' and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Rhymes With Right said...

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

And tell him that he's a trend setter -- even Bill Clinton is copying him!

Carl in Jerusalem said...

Refuah Shleima my friend. Feel better. Send me your Hebrew name and your mother's Hebrew name and I will put you on my prayer list.

-- CiJ

Right Truth said...

I prescribe more wine and dark chocolate, perhaps chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine's Day!

Heart surgeons and my sweet hubby recommend both, plus Mrs. Joshua Pundit will enjoy too!

Continued prayers for your quick, complete recovery.

Right Truth

Robert J. Avrech said...

We are greatly relieved that Rob is making such a speedy recovery. Have a wonderful and healthy Shabbat.

Perla_Margherita said...

I read Gates of Vienna on a daily basis, although I don't comment very often. Best wishes to you and your husband, and I'm glad to hear that he is recovering.

Anonymous said...

Back in Sept 2007, the very first comment left on my blog was from a chap signing himself "Freedom Fighter". I am very glad to hear that he is going to last longer than the Haloscan comments sytem I was using at the time, and that has now vanished!

Seriously, best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. Put another way: Get more gooder sooner!

Southern Wolf said...

Dymphna sent me over from Gates of Vienna. Well, she hinted I should drop by. Best wishes for Joshua's recovery.

GW said...

Do hope your up and around quick Rob. Having gone through this once myself, I have some idea of what you're going through. No fun, but it did give me an excuse to start hitting the gym extra hard, and start drinking red wine every night - so for every dark cloud . . . .

At any rate, do hope you and the Mrs. get through this quickly and are the better for it.

Lynn said...

Read at GoV you are down but not out. I don't comment very much, mostly lurk, but wanted to say get well and back to blogging real soon. :)

louielouie said...

i think it's time that mrs. J/P had a talk with ff.
i can't help but think that a lifestyle change is in order.
and that means no more running around with monkey boy.
if ff wants to let chimpy soil his site from time to time that's his decision as J/P is his site.
however, ff has to take care of hisself and the things that we here at J/P have heard about babboon boy leave little doubt that ff antics must come to an abrupt halt.
get a refund on those plane tickets to mardi gras.
ff has to take care of himself.
let chimpy go to $*#& in a hand basket if he wants.
obamacare won't cover him anyway.
like i said, i think it's time for mrs. J/P to have that talk.
and no, jose' can't come over tonight.
the salt, forgedabowdit.
the lime, es ok.

Larry Sheldon said...

"he is due to be released from the hospital tomorrow morning to begin on the road to recovery"

Isn't that the truth? Hospital is the worst place to be if peace and quiet are important to recovery.

Best place to be for repairs, terrible otherwise.

Clovis Sangrail said...

Very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Jason Pappas said...

Rest up and get well. We'll be here when you're back in the blogging mode.