Monday, February 08, 2010

Sarah Palin Has the Last Laugh Handy..

You'll remember that the big story in the Leftard blogosphere after Sarah Palin's keynote speech at the Tea Party convention was the factoid that she had written three words on her left hand.

So today, Governor Palin showed them up for the idiots they are at a rally for Texas Governor Rick Perry by writing a new, more cryptic message on her palm..."Hi Mom!"

That must be her way of saying 'talk to the hand,leftards'!


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B.Poster said...

What's wrong with writing words on your hand, if it will help you remember what you are going to talk about. Pro football quarterbacks have been known to keep a list of offensive plays on their wrists. Barack Obama uses a teleprompter. Public speakers use any number of ques to assist them as needed.

Whats the big deal? In fact, what is the big deal about Sarah Palin in general? She is a former governor of Alaska, she holds no public office nor does she hold a position of influence within the RNC. The only position she holds is as an author and a sometimes commentator on Fox News. Fox News nor its parent company has any bearing in selecting Republican party nominees nor do they hold any influence over the direction of the RNC and neither does her book publisher.

I would prefer that more focus given on Republican party officials and leaders who actually might get nominated for public office and those who have influence over the direction of the party and less on Sarah Palin whose influence is nominal at best. While I like Mrs. Palin on a personal level, she has very little influence. As such, it seems counter productive to waste allot of air time or blog time discussing her.

She MIGHT be able to influence things as a third party candidate. IF she can pull all of the so called "Independent" vote and most of the Republican vote, she might be able to win the Presidency or some other public office. To do this would be a VERY TALL order.

It jsut doesn't seem likely. At the very least, she will have to explain her decision to quit the Alaska governorship. Perhaps it was to prevent the bankruptcy of her and her family as has been pointed out. That makes perfect sense and would possibly gain symapthy from much the voting public. Unfortunately due to never coherently explaining this decision her enemies have gotten the upper hand here and it will be difficult and probably impossible for her to overcome this at this point.

Perhaps the explanation is in her book. Unfortunately most people aren't going to read her book. Maybe she can use her position at Fox News to explain the decision. Do enougbh people watch Fox News for this to matter? Probably not but she will need to try, if she wants to be any influence on the political scene.