Monday, February 01, 2010

The ObamaCare Post Mortum- Dems Still Try To Shove It Through

The Democrats are still trying to find a way to foist ObamaCare on the country, but seem to have run into a peculiar parliamentary catch-22 of their own making - how do you change a bill in reconciliation that hasn't even been passed yet? From the Leftist site Plum Line:

The problem in question has been noted before, but it’s gotten lost in the noise: Senate aides say they are unsure how to pass a reconciliation fix to the Senate bill before it’s signed into law, as some House Democrats want.

“How do you fix a bill that hasn’t been passed yet?” one senior Senate aide asks me, stressing that reconciliation is different than the amendment process, which obviously does allow for bills to be fixed before passage. “That’s the fundamental problem.”

“This is a whole bill that would amend another bill that hasn’t become law,” the aide adds. “How do we do reconciliation before the House passes the Senate bill?”

No mention of the fact that the American public, by almost a two-to-one majority wants absolutely no part of ObamaCare! Instead, they're trying to figure out some way to bend the rules so they can shove it through.

Even funnier, in an ironic way is the Donkey's attempt to try and figure out why the rubes in flyover country don't know what good for them and question their imperial wisdom.

They've finally got a clue that bribing Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson with billions in tax dollars just might not have gone over too well:

From the lefty Talking Points Memo:

Democrats are privately admitting the deal they made with Sen. Ben Nelson on Medicaid funding for Nebraska was a major factor in souring the America people on the health care reform bill.

Senate leadership inked a deal in December to win over Nelson (D-NE), allowing him to insert pro-life language in the measure and to secure federal funding for the cost of any Medicaid expansion in what has now been dubbed the "Cornhusker kickback."

It's been the target of lawsuits and scorn from both the right and the left, and leaders in both chambers believe it ultimately will be stripped from the final measure, whenever one surfaces.

Instead of considering more dealmaking to get a final health care bill passed, Democratic sources privately acknowledge that Nelson's compromise did more harm than good. Several sources said it tops a list of problems that have hurt the health care process.

Republicans assigned snarky names to the dealmaking (first blasting Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for the "Louisiana Purchase"), and the name calling is catching on.

'Name calling'? Is that all it was? Notice how they described what Nelson got out of the deal as 'federal funding for medicaid expansion' - eliminating the little factoid that it exempted Nebraska for life from the taxes the rest of the states are going to pay for ObamaCare. And they don't mention the $300 mill Mary Landrieu received for her vote.

They think of us as sheep and themselves as shepherds all right.Just remember that sheep get skinned and then led to the slaughter and eaten.

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