Monday, April 09, 2012

California Gets Even Wackier - Now Wants To Implement Cap N' Tax Carbon Scheme

Sometimes, you have to actually see what California has become to believe that it's not some wacky Hollywood made sitcom.

The latest insanity has the Democrat dominated legislature and Governor Jerry Brown with a new scheme to pare done California's $9 billion deficit - they're going to auction off pollution credits to oil refineries, factories utilities and power plants as part of a loony new 'cap and trade' scheme.

Of course, doing this is going to skyrocket the price of utilities, fuel, food and consumer good for the average Californian and add to the state's massive unemployment as some businesses relocate, others curtail hiring and others simply rethink opening up and bringing new jobs in the once Golden State and , but hey, that's for the little people to worry about. Meanwhile Governor Brown and his friends think they can raise $1 to $3 billion to use for things like California's bullet trains to nowhere or for other wasteful projects deemed 'social welfare'. AKA bribes to deserving Democrats. I guarantee you it won't be spent to pay down the deficit.

Governor Brown claims the authority to do this is AB 22, a state global warming initiative signed by Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger in 2006.

Unfortunately, the statute doesn't mention any kind of 'pollution auction' or fees, so the businesses affected are expected to go to court, which means some more money the state doesn't have will be tied up in litigation. According to state law, Governor Brown and the Democrats would need a two thirds majority to change the law, which they're unlikely to get because there are just enough Republicans still in the legislature to block it if they choose to.

Meanwhile, environmentalist wackos, government functionaries and special interests are all fighting about spending money they haven't even received yet. And Governor Brown already has $1 billion from this cap n' tax scheme figured into his July 2012 budget.

Only in California, folks!

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