Wednesday, April 04, 2012

WH Press Sec Carney tries To Spin On Budget But Soils Himself

You have to wonder about a creature like White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Does he actually believe what comes out of his mouth, or is he just there to do a job and pay the bills?

Notice that when FOX News anchor Brett Baier asks simple questions - with 51 democrat votes in the senate,why hasn't a budget been passed and why did President Obama's own budget go down to defeat 441-0 without even a single Democrat voting for it - Carney's response is to try and yell over him and repeat the same non-answer over and over again. It's like watching a small child in grown up's clothes covering his ears and shouting 'la la la, can't hear you!'

Could it be because Harry Reid and President Obama don't want vulnerable senators in Red States like Jon Tester and Claire McKaskill on record in an election years as voting for a ridiculous budget that calls for another $1.3 trillion deficit this year and a cool $901 billion deficit next year?

As a matter of fact, President Obama's little screed yesterday that Carney keeps mentioning on the budget was anything but detailed and factual, as Rep. Paul Ryan points out.

I won't even bother to discuss Carney's response to Baier's question about the propriety of a sitting president attempting to bully the Supreme Court on a matter pending before them.

This is an excellent example of why nine times out of ten it's pointless to attempt to debate with the Left. Not only do the vast majority lack even a semblance of intellectual honesty, but to them this is what passes for their religion, so you just end up going in circles.

Carney, of course, is on a career path. After he finishes at the White House, he'll be in line for a seven figure gig as a talking head at one of the alphabet networks.

But you have to wonder what goes on inside these people's heads.

Psychologists will tell you that when people knowingly lie over a period of time, the mind plays a nifty little trick so that the lie actually becomes a kind of 'truth' for them. Is Jay Carney at that stage? Or is just a means to an end and he's simply doing this for that future golden paycheck?

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Old School said...

I think you have it quite right when it comes to Carney's future.We'll be seeing him as a TV 'journalist' quite soon.

That is why people increasingly get their news elsewhere if they really wish to be informed.