Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Romney Sweep? Primaries In Wisconsin, Maryland And DC

The GOP contest for the nomination continues today, with three primaries and 98 delegates up for grabs.

According to most polls, Mitt Romney is expected to win all three handily.

Governor Romney spent most of yesterday traveling the Badger State accompanied by Rep. Paul Ryan,who has endorsed Romney. In his stump speech, Romney continues to ignore Rick Santorum and focus on the main challenge, the upcoming contest with President Barack Obama.

“He takes his political inspiration from the capitals of Europe,” Mr. Romney told supporters in Green Bay. “His version of a perfect world is a big-spending big government.”

Santorum, on the other hand continues to attack Romney and mocking republicans who think the race is over.

Presently, Governor Romney has far more delegates than all of his rivals combined.

In Wisconsin, the focus is not as much onth eGOP Presidential primary as it is on the Democrat's efforts to unseat Governor Scott Walker, with the Democrats and public employee unions spending millions on a recall election scheduled for this June.

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Anonymous said...

It's time Santorum faced reality.