Friday, April 06, 2012

Same Old Same Old - Iran Stalls On Talks Again

The Iranians are continuing to play the West for fools, just as they did last time.

Talks about talks was originally scheduled to start next week in Istanbul...until Iran pulled the plug at the last minute, claiming Turkey was 'not an acceptable venue'.

"We are still expecting this to take place next week. But there's certainly some degree of urgency" in finalizing details, State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

"It was our expectation that this was going to be in Istanbul," he said. "It's not for us to say one place over another, but it's important that we start to nail this down."

That's exactly the attitude the Mullahs want to's the West whom feels the urgency and has to make concessions to nail this down, not Iran.

If you understand the mindset at play here, it's all about establishing dominance for the Iranians, in which giving them their choice of venue becomes not an accommodation on our part but a grudging concession on theirs.And of course, as a 'concession' from them, an appropriate quid pro quo is expected for the privilege of acceding to their demands.

A far different result would occur if we insisted on the original location agreed to,Istanbul, and let the Mullahs know that the entire 'talks' train was leaving the station very quickly and they had better hop on board.

But of course, Mrs. Clinton, President Obama and the EU would never do something like that.It might affront the precious Muslim dignity! So they'll continue to be played for fools, and the talks will drag on without any real outcome.

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