Monday, April 23, 2012

Palestinian Sentenced to Death For Selling A Home to Jews

One Muhammad Abu Shahala, reportedly a former Fatah officer has been sentenced to death by the 'Palestinian Authority' for the hideous crime of - wait for it - selling a home in Hebron to Jews.

Shahala reportedly was sentenced to death for his part in selling what has become known as Beit Hamachpela (the Machpela House) to a group of Jews. He reportedly confessed to the sale after torture and was subject to a rushed trial, according to Arutz-7, which cited various news agencies. almost sounds like something that could have been part of Hitler's Nuremberg Laws, doesn't it?

Apparently there's a letter that's been sent to various international bodies by the Jewish community of Hebron asking for pressure on the P.A's unelected dictator Mahmoud Abbas to commute Shalala's death sentence.

Actually, if Shalala does end being executed for this 'crime' by my count he'd be something like the fortieth person or so to be killed for it. The selling of land to Jews has been a capital offense since 1994 when Arafat took over, and if one of my usually reliable sources in the P.A. is correct, the threat of being labeled a 'collaborator' and executed was used more than a few times to get people to sell property to well connected P.A. apparatchniks at deep discounts...especially useful when it came to Christians in places like Bethlehem.

Yes, yes I know. The 'Palestinians' want to live in peace next to the Jews.
Ri-ight. In their own little judenrein reichlet.

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Independent Patriot said...

But pressure and discrimination and extortion by the PA wasn't why the Christians under the PA are leaving..didn't you see 60 Minutes..its the Joos fault.