Thursday, April 19, 2012

Woman Hurt During Sex on Work Trip Wins Lawsuit For Worker's Comp

Gotta love this one...from our friends in Australia.

A woman who was injured during a romp in her hotel room while on a work related trip was awarded worker's compensation by a judge after it was initially denied and she sued:

In the Federal Court today Justice John Nicholas ruled that the woman was injured during her “course of employment”.

The woman’s barrister argued that sex was an “ordinary incident of life” in a hotel room, much like showering and sleeping.

The Judge ruled that “if the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room she would be entitled to compensation” and the fact that the woman was engaged in sexual activity rather than some other lawful recreational activity while in her hotel room does not lead to any different result.

What happened is that the girl blew into town, called up a male friend and they went out for a meal and then back to her hotel room. She filed a workers' compensation claim for 'facial and psychological injuries' she suffered when a glass light fitting came away from the wall above the bed during their activities:

The male friend said in his statement at the time that they were "going hard” and he did not know if they bumped the light or it just fell off.

“I think she was on her back when it happened but I was not paying attention because we are rolling around.”

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