Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mitt Romney: 'It's About The Economy And We're Not Stupid'

Mitt Romney's victory speech in New Hampshire after sweeping the primaries last night.

You'll want to watch the whole times he sounds like he's channeling Ronaldus Maximus, and it doesn't get any better than that.

If he keeps on using these kind of arguments and hitting President Obama like this, you're going to see even the most distrustful Republicans on the Right get their groove back as the independents and Reagan Democrats jump on board.


louielouie said...

so i guess it's official.
mitt vs. nitwit

Rob said...

LOL! Funny!

B.Poster said...

This is the man the Republican leadership of the RNC wanted all along. We were going to get Mitt or we were going to get Mitt. We could have any nominee we wanted just as long as it was Mitt Romney. We can only hope and pray they know what they are doing.

I'm reminded of part of Mr. Romney's past. He was in charge of Bain Capital. The media refers to this stint as a "vulture capitalist" and has demonized him repeatedly for this. As I understand it, he and his group would buy out companies who were about to go out of business and either save the companies by cutting out the "fat" or liquidating them and getting some kind of return for the investors as opposed to letting them fold and the investors getting nothing. Essentially by "fat" we mean fat pay checks who perform little useful service or excessive spending in areas where it is not needed.

Essentially the government is a parasite sucking the people dry. We CANNOT expect to get our economy moving in the right direction again until we are able to get the government parasite off the necks of the American people. Essentially the government is bankrupt and needs to be liquidated in the manner that Bain Capital and others liquidated underperforming companies.

Perhaps Mr. Romeny is just the man for this job. Maybe his life experience has prepared him for this challenge. Mabye God has appointed Mr. Romney for a time such as this. Perhaps not but the prosepct is exciting.

His experience with Bain Capital and assuming he can apply it to the government may have prepared him for just what we need. Time will tell.