Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Double Standard On Israel? You Bet There Is

Yesterday,you saw in these pages a story about IDF Lieutenant Colonel Shalom Eisner who has been suspended from duty and is likely to be disciplined after striking an 'activist' belonging to the terrorist supporting International Solidarity Movement with his M-16 who was blocking a highway and creating a major security risk.

Apparently the Danes are satisfied with the way Israelis are proceeding:

A diplomatic incident with Denmark over an IDF officer who slammed the face of a Danish protester with his M16 rifle on Saturday was averted by the IDF’s quick disciplinary action against the officer and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s immediate condemnation, diplomatic officials said Monday.

In a statement posted on the website of Denmark’s Foreign Ministry, Danish Foreign Minister Villy Sovndal said that “we do not yet know the circumstances surrounding the incident” and that Denmark’s ambassador to Israel Liselotte Kj√¶rsgaard Plesner had “immediately asked the Israeli authorities for an explanation.”

“I can see that the soldier involved was immediately suspended and the matter is now being investigated,” Sovndal said.

Sovndal also noted that Netanyahu had condemned the incident.

“We must all condemn the use of force, which apparently has occurred against the demonstrators,” Sovndal said.

The Danish Foreign Minister condemns the use of force on unarmed protesters. Which brings up the question...how do Danish authorities deal with unarmed protestors who block the streets?

And remember, that's without the impetus of a mob of howling 'Palestinians' stoning cars or the risk of snipers and Molotov cocktails used on vehicles that are blocked in like sitting ducks.(Hat tip Elder of Ziyon)

By the way, Lt. Col. Eisner's troops get it,even if the politicians don't.

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