Monday, April 02, 2012

Italian Supreme Court Rejects 'Cultural' Defense In Muslim beating Of Females

It may be sharia sanctified in the Q'uran,but it's not part of Italian law - at least not yet:

The Italian Supreme Court on Friday upheld a sentence for abuse and aggravated assault by a Moroccan father against his 12-year-old daughter.

Defense lawyers maintained that the father, who allegedly beat his daughter with a broom handle for "corrective" purposes after she could not properly recite the Koran, did so because of "cultural" reasons and should be given a lighter sentence accordingly.

Can you imagine what kind of creature this man's lawyer must be, to try and defend someone for beating his twelve-year-old daughter with a broomstick based on culture and sharia?

Thankfully, the judges treated this defense with the contempt it deserved, calling the defendant's actions "violent and unjustifiable" in anyone, Italian or foreign.

Could it be that Europe is slowly waking up to the monster they imported? Here's hoping they lock him up long enough for his wife ( or wives) and children to escape the religiously justified prison he had them caged in.

This is exactly why any hint of enabling sharia norms in western countries has to be fought tooth and nail.

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