Monday, April 30, 2012

Something Well Worth Hearing, A Voice From The Past

On April 19th, 1951, 61 years ago, General Douglas MacArthur gave a speech in Congress after being relieved of command in Korea by President Truman and ending a career of over half a century as one of America's most successful and dedicated military leaders.

Aside from his military record, he had been raised in Asia as the son of a military family, was revered in the Philippines and had not only defeated the Japanese in the Pacific but had gone on to serve as the military governor of Japan who helped write its constitution. He turned Japan into a democracy, laid the groundwork for their future prosperity and did it all while commanding their respect and admiration.

Ignore the pomposity that surfaces in places in the speech's delivery, and some of the more dated and specific references. Instead, listen closely to what he had to say about the Pacific as America's redoubt and about the strategy involved in the necessity of keeping America able to fight on two fronts, something the Obama Administration has already admitted it's willing to forgo.

Especially, listen to what General MacArthur had to say about war, victory, peace and appeasement. You'll easily see exactly what's wrong with the way we've been waging the war that started during the Clinton era and continues to our present day.

You'll want to hear all of me on that.

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