Monday, April 02, 2012

Democrats Buy All Major Philadelphia Papers

I note with interest that a group headed by Democrat leader and heavyweight donor George Norcross and a group of like-minded businessmen have just purchased Philadelphia Media Network Inc., which owns Philadelphia's two major newspapers,the Inquirer and the Daily News for $55 million. The group originally included former Democrat governor Ed Rendell, but that was a bit too much and they saw fit to remove him, at least publicly.

Norcross and the group reportedly signed a 'pledge ' not to interfere in the newsroom operation. if you believe these highly partisan democrats are going to abide by this non-binding guarantee, I know some Nigerians I can put you in touch with who have an offer for you that can make you millions.

In actual fact, the papers were both fairly left leaning, which was one reason they were hemorrhaging money and their circulation was dropping like a stone. But at least they made a pretense of objectivity.

What they'll essentially become now is the newspaper equivalent of MSNBC..hyper partisan content aimed at a specific audience, but not something anyone actually looking to be informed takes seriously.

I actually have no problem with that whatsoever, just as I had no problem with AirAmerica until they started stealing money from children's charities to pay the likes of Randi Rhodes and Ed Schultz. If these businessmen want to put their partisan poltics above their pocketbooks and pump good money after bad, I say welcome to it.

To me this is just about truth in labeling, that's all.

Just rest assured that no Democrat will ever be vetted no matter what and that no Republican will ever campaign in Philadelphia or in Pennsylvania without being accused of being a racist and a homophobe, having things like divorce and adoption records mysteriously unsealed, or having every aspect of his religious, family, financial or personal life smeared and relentlessly attacked.

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louielouie said...

they paid 55 million dollars for a newspaper?????????