Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Romney: 'Many Inclined To Do The President's Bidding'...

Governor Romney hit exactly the right note talking with Breitbart.Com's Larry O'Connor..

While he acknowledged what he laughingly referred 'the vast Left Wing Conspiracy', he made the point that what the American people are basically concerned with is the economy, and the Democrats can't run on Obama's record,so they and their media lackeys are going to try to make the election about anything else but that and fool people.

Some may be disappointed he didn't hit the media harder,but when you do that, you open yourself up to accusations of whining. This was exactly the right amount of stick - acknowledging what any thinking person knows to be true, letting us know he's ready for it and staying on message. It was, dare I say,presidential, and I only hope it continues.

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