Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama Administration Using Taxpayer Dollars To Outsource English Speaking Jobs Overseas.

There's a great deal of bombastic rhetoric coming from President Obama these days about 'standing up for the middle class'.

Most Americans understand that this president's policies have killed jobs, run up massive debt and skyrocketed the price of food and energy.

But it's now surfaced that not content with that, the Obama Administration has been spending our tax dollars in well funded efforts to directly aid outsourcing overseas and eliminate jobs here in America:

While the president has been urging “insourcing,” the government has been sending money to the Philippines to train foreign workers for jobs in English-speaking call centers.

According to New York Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop and North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones, this is unacceptable and “shocking.”

The pair are calling on the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to immediately suspend what is known as the Job Enabling English Proficiency (JEEP) program.

According to Jones’ office, in 2010, after the two men compelled USAID to end a similar training program in Sri Lanka, the agency assured the congressmen that they would “conduct a review to ensure the project will not take any jobs away from Americans.”

In a letter to the USAID administrator, Rajiv Shah, Bishop and Jones expressed their displeasure at learning of the effort they thought the agency had explicitly promised against.

“I believe it was reasonable to conclude from that statement that your agency’s outsourcing training program was terminated, particularly in light of President Obama’s ‘insourcing’ initiative announced earlier this year,” the pair wrote. “Therefore, I was shocked to learn that USAID has used taxpayer dollars to invest in outsourcing training programs in the Philippines at the expense of American workers.”

There are over 4.5 million Americans who now have jobs in call centers here in America. I guess this president thinks of them as 'The Rich' who don't really deserve to be working anyway.

This needs to be publicized widely and made into a major issue by the GOP.

USAid is also the agency responsible for sending millions of tax dollars to the 'Palestinians' in Gaza and in the Arab-occupied areas of Judea and Samaria (AKA The West Bank. And this president deems that use of your tax dollars so important that he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually did something unheard of in Washington and overrode a congressional hold on $1.5 billion in jirzya for their 'Palestinian' friends.


B.Poster said...

I don't get it. How does one just override a Congressional hold on funds? I'm not surprised it is unheard of. After all this is Congress's territory. Generally speaking leaders of one area of an organization will not act favorably when the leader of another area of the organization steps on their turf. In fact, its not unusally that authority figures react violently toward someone when someone steps on their turf.

Where is the Congressional respone to this? Are our Congressional personnel so afraid of this President that they would tolerate this? That is at leas plausible. After all this President does control the news media, the entire government bureacracy, and the courts. That would give someone pause when thinking about standing up to him.

A bit off topic but I predict at least one and possibly two Supreme Court Justices who would have voted no on Obamacare will change their vote as a direct result of his lobbying. Either that or they will face impeachment. Mr. Obama is the most powerful man in American history within America. This does not mean that leaders should not stand up to him when his policies are misguided. One simply needs to understand what they are up against when they do.

A bit futher off topic but the dollar is going to lose its role as world reserve currency very soon. This will affect in ways that are hard to calculate. How does this POTUS plan to handle that? Also, China and Russia are the most powerful countries on earth and they both hate America. How does this POTUS plan to address this? How does Congress plan to deal with all of this?

We've got BIG issues we must face. This is all solveable but we must face reality and not what we wish it to be and we need good leadership. Right now policy makers are not facing reality nor do we have decent leadership in either major political party right now.

Rob said...

Where is the Congressional respone to this? Are our Congressional personnel so afraid of this President that they would tolerate this?

Simple. straightforward answer to your question? It's not fear,but numbers. There aren't enough votes in the Senate to impeach. So they've swallowed a lot.

Another thing to consider - President Obama and his lackeys make a great deal of noise about 'bi-partisanship' and trying to work with Congress. Actions like this and the treatment the GOP congressmen got when the Dems ruled both Houses should tell any thinking person that not only was that never part of Obama's agenda, but that he is wiling to deliberately anger people to more or less freeze any legislation until after election.

That way, he can continue to campaign against 'obstructionist Republicans' matter what harm is incurred by America as a result.

B.Poster said...

Thanks for the respones. To get a Congressional hold, one would need the support of both Republicans and Democrats. When the President attempts to over ride this, he is stepping on to the turf of both Repubican and Democrat Congressional personnel.

Leaders normally defend their turf even if means undermining their own interests. This is one of the quirks of leadership. One does not get to be a leader if one tolerates their turf being stepped on. Yet Congress is totally silent about this.

I'm not talking about something as large as impeachment. Congress needs to defend its domain. If they won't, they need to go. There are checks and balances in our system for a reason. They need to be enforced.

Finally, if one deliberately angers people, one will eventually reap what one sows. Also, if the President harms America, as POTUS he ultimately harms himself!! Perhaps he has not thought through that one. Maybe he is blinded by his ideology. I do not beleive POTUS is evil, however, he is incompetent. We've had to endure two consecutive incompetents who have occupied that position. Unless this changesm, the country is unlikely to be able to survive much longer.

Rob said...

Hi Poster,
One small correction. A congressional hold on funding has nothing to do with needing the support of both Republicans and Democrats.

As a matter of professional courtesy, any member on the committee involved can issue a hold regardless of party and it is always respected by the other members of that committee regardless of party as a courtesy and a practical measure, because they want their holds honored as well.

It's almost unheard of for the executive branch to simply run roughshod over a congressional hold on funding.

According to our Constitution, the House investigates and votes by a simple majority to bring charges for impeachment of a sitting president, and the Senate is the body that actually tries him.

It takes a two thirds majority in the Senate to impeach and get someone out of office, which is why Bill Clinton was able to finish his term even though the House voted to impeach him for perjury and obstruction of justice.

The votes simply aren't there in the Senate to impeach Barack Obama, and the entire process would be moot even if there were because the election is only 6 months away.

B.Poster said...

I'm not talking about impeaching him. Even if one tried to impeach him, they would be committing political suicide. As the first African-American president, there is and still remains a vast resivor of good will towards this President. If the voting public views the situation as though he is being attacked personally, they will close ranks around him in a hurry and the opposition would have no chance. In fact, such a move would probably guarantee that Mr. Obama supporters would gain control of the House and Senate.

Given that impeachment is not possible nor is it practical, the best way to oppose him is based upon competence. He simply does not have the skill sets, the tempermant, or the experience necessary to do the job as POTUS. He is not evil nor is he trying to harm America or Americans even though his policies seem to be having that effect. The issue is one of competence not intent.

There's got to be some way to stop him from overriding holds on funding without impeachment. I can understand why its almost unheard of for POTUS to ignore a hold on funds implemented by Congress. This is Congress's territory. Leaders tend to react violently when their turf is intruded upon.

Why the non reaction here? Nobody is seriously considering impeachment nor am I but still one would not expect Congress either Republicans or Democrats to take this without doing any thing to protect their turf. Suffice it to say the responses from both Republicans and Democrats would be significantly different had former President Bush tried this.

Finally, this is VERY frustrating. The Palestinians are an enemy of the United States. It makes absolutely no sense to fund an enemy!! As long as such ridiculous policies are continued, the survival of the United States is in even graver peril than it already is without doing such things.