Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Perfect Example Of Whom The IDF Is Fighting

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We fired a warning shot at this target in Gaza. In response, these civilians ran to the roof and brought their kids.

I'd be willing to bet that the IDF leafleted the place beforehand too.

After this, I don't want to hear blather from Hamas groupies about 'civilian casualties.'

To Hamas - and Fatah for that matter - the more Palestinian civilians that die, the better it suits them.


louielouie said...

After this, I don't want to hear blather from Hamas groupies about 'civilian casualties.'

good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Israeli's are waiting for someone to fight this War for them. Or maybe they are waiting for someone to pay for it. Wars are expensive. No question.

The children on the roof as pictured - and all roofs - are not there under duress - now are they? They are there under their own free will and their own advocacy.

They are the children of their parents, and their parents are the seditious rabble that joined the Left in trying to overthrow Arab Monarchies like Iran and Jordan.

They failed and moved to the Gaza strip and the West Bank. In the Gaza strip to folded into Fatah and then the Western Liberals named them Palestinians - which they aren't.

Like the rest of the seditious Left they are blood thirsty, murderous, idealistic and willing to sacrifice.

The only thing they know is that everyone else is wrong.

We fail to destroy them because we think we cannot do so and still occupy the moral high ground.

So I think we ought to to occupy the moral high ground. Let them occupy the moral high group. Let them do so seconds before we annihilate them.

Right before we rid the Earth of them they can have the assurance that they occupied the moral high ground and we occupied the moral low ground.

I haven't the slightest problem with that. No Sir. Not in the least. No indeedy. Not at all. Not even a teensy bit.

Rob said...

Anonymous, I think in a number of cases there's duress.

And frankly, the IDF is not that kind of Army, nor are Jews that kind of people.

Anonymous said...

What kind of Army did you have in mind? And what kind of people did you have in mind?

Is the Army that you refuse to be the one that dropped atomic bombs on Japanese cities? You can't be saying that Israeli cities are not being targeted!!

If you say yes they are targeting our Cities but that doesn't mean we should target their cities
then I will say why not?

Our enemy has shown no tendency to relent. Why ought we not destroy them?

We are hated because we are Jews. If the entire World is nti-Semitic and if there is nothing we can do about it, it still is wrong that those attacking us are otherwise exempt from destruction.

The children of Gaza are not neutral. They hate us and both themselves and their parents expose them to danger with pride.

Perhaps it is this deliberateness they show that stops you. Perhaps the Japan examples are so impersonal that one can distance oneself from the carnage.

As such that is understandable. But the reality remains. The entire population of Gaza mobilizes against us. The Palestinians in the West Bank in Hebron cheer when their own homes are hit with Hamas rockets because at least Hamas has rockets.

It has already been established Israeli's do not feel that way. No one who hates us cares.

We should cultivate serious deals with Gulf Monarchs who are at odds with the Palestinians. No one wants the damn Palestinians except the Palestinians and those of us who are too timid that we cannot imagine navigating a world in which they do not exist.

If need be I will take the burden of their deaths on my own soul. I can live with it.

Rob said...

I think you raise something of a false argument here, respectfully.

During WWII, America was no one's client state. Israel is. If you want to argue that Israel shouldn't be, that's a different argument and one I don't disagree with at all, as you know if you read these pages regularly. But we are talking about now, today.

It means Israel is judged by very different rules.

And it's not just because of Israel's relationship with America. The whole nature of media has changed. Frankly, the IDF and the Defense Ministry are handling that aspect fairly well this time out, all things considered.

I think you also underestimate some of Israel's friends. Australia, Canada, India and China have notably closer ties with Israel than they ever have had before, and in the United States, in spite of our dysfunctional anti-Israel president, Congress and the American people remain predominately pro-Israel. Even in the EU, Angela Merkel has bucked the EU when it comes to outright condemnation of Israel and has supported Israel's right to self defense.

Why strain that..assuming you could even get the men and women of the Tzahal to go along with the kind of butchery you're suggesting?

You're correct. Jew haters and 'anti-Zionists' are not moved by Israel humanitarian impulses. So what? Why should we lower ourselves to confirm their opinion of us when we can win anyway?

Perhaps I should explain what 'win' means to me. It means Gaza under Israeli rule and annexed,just like Golan. it means Hamas utterly defeated and destroyed (and to take your Japan analogy one step further, it was the utter defeat of Japan's military that killed the bushido culture and led to real Japanese democracy - that and the enlightened stewardship of General MacArthur). It means the majority of Gaza's Arab population either in UNRWA camps outside Gaza, or transferred to to the sharply reduced and rigidly constrained Fatah reichlet in a piece of Area A. It means Gaza repopulated by Jews and the end of the Oslo era.

All of this can be done without carpet bombing Gaza City.That is not only unnecessary, but bad tactics as I see it. Hamas and Fatah want bleeders. Why play into their hands?

BTW, the Emirates aren't as 'at odds' with the Pals as you think. They've already pledged $50m for rebuilding and humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Chash Dam,