Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Gaza Update - Israel Hits Dozens Of Hamas Targets

A picture taken from the southern Israeli border with the Gaza Strip shows Israeli flares illuminating the Palestinian coastal enclave, on July 7, 2014. (photo credit: AFP/JACK GUEZ)

The IDF pounded dozens of Hamas targets as Operation Protective Edge continues...including the homes of a number of senior Hamas officials after Israel gave them advance warning.

The strikes hit 18 underground rocket launchers, three Hamas command and control facilities, and then targets described by the source as "infrastructure" which included, according to my information, several missile 'factories and a couple of smuggling tunnels along the Israeli border.

Senior Hamas officials who had their homes targeted included Iyad Sahikh, the senior Hamas commander in Gaza city in charge of rocket fire on Israel; Samer Abu Daka, senior Hamas official in Khan Younis; and Hassan Abdallah , the Hamas commander in Khan Younis in charge of the the current round of rocket fire on Israel.

What this looks like is a gradually developing strategy on the IDF's part, a staged offensive to destroy Hamas’ ability to attack Israel as well as its military infrastructure. The Israeli goal still seems to be 'quiet for quiet' and it appears that they're hoping that the escalating damage to Hamas assets will be sufficient to deter Hamas and convince them to stop launching rockets at Israel.

I'm not certain myself that this is a realistic strategy - this would be an excellent time to take Hamas out permanently and pacify Gaza in my humble opinion- but on the other hand,the last thing Israel wants is another 1.4 million Arabs to deal with. But if this serves to just destroy most of Hmas' missile arsenal and military structure....

Stay tuned.This one is likely to go on for a while.


Anonymous said...

It's a lousy strategy, pathetic really. All Bibi wants is a cease-fire, a return to the status quo ante.
A ground operation isn't necessary.
It's a bad idea to overthrow Hamas & re-occupy Gaza. But, we need to hurt them badly yet leave them in power.
Actually, I wouldn't trust our dumbass politicians - they could conquer Gaza & give it to Abbas.

Rob said...

I agree with you about Bibi. That's why Lieberman and IB left the 'partnership' with Likud.

There will be no peace if Israel settles for 'quiet for quiet.'

I do think it's possible for the IDF to eliminate Hamas and Islamic Jihad as a fighting force. Arms aren't coming in from Iran any more like they used to thanks to the IDF and al-Sisi.

But instead of leaving them in power, I wonder if al-Sisi would agree to allow Israel to have Gaza and have Egypt take in at least some of in the 1.5 million Gazans in exchange for a quid pro quo of some kind from Israel? Some could stay in Gaza after vetting, and some could also be transferred to Area A. In the end, that might be a more viable solution.

Gaza would become a Mediterranean garden spot and tourism center instead of an Islamist sinkhole if Israel ran it and repopulated it with Jews. And it also has some natural gas ; )

FresnoJoe said...