Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Awesome Quote On Israel That Sheds Real Light By Robert F. Kennedy


I remember working on Bobby Kennedy's campaign as a very, very young teenage precinct captain in California. He was by far the most able and intelligent of all the Kennedys, and I've always felt it was a national tragedy that he never made it into the White House.There's a lot more I could say about his assassination, which occurred while I was attending the victory party over his winning the California primary,but I'm going to censor myself. Suffice it to say that had certain members - one in particular- of Kennedy's security team been doing the job they were getting paid for that night, Robert Kennedy wouldn't have been killed.

Let it be noted however that current leftist darling and Obama ally Bill Ayers dedicated his book, 'Prairie Fire' to Kennedy's murderer.

I never saw this quote before, but it's typically insightful. The Ottoman sultan encouraged Jewish migration to Palestine because he wanted tax revenues out of the villayat, and he saw that the only two even marginally successful areas in what was mostly a depopulated barren wasteland were Jerusalem and Safed, Jewish majority cities. It was Jewish migration, starting in the1880's that created the farms and commerce that drew Arabs from the Hejaz, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon to the region. And in the period Kennedy mentions, there was further migration from Arabs in these areas because over one third of Palestine's Jews were in uniform fighting the Nazis and the British allowed unlimited Arab migration to deal with the resulting labor shortage. At the same time, to its eternal shame, Britain  prohibited  any Jews from coming to Palestine and doomed them to the Nazi death camps.

Now you know where most of the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians came from. That includes Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian.


Anonymous said...

The good Kennedies were Jack Kennedy ( would he have kept us out of the immoral Vietnam quagmire had he lived ? ) ; Robert Kennedy ( was Jack assassinated because of Robert's anti-Mafia efforts ? ) ; &, probably, John-John, whose comments regarding the difficulties of running a business owing to Government regulations led me to believe that he had -- possibly -- great potential. All died young from unnatural deaths.

Anonymous said...

P S : you were a precinct captain for Robert Kennedy's campaign ? I am impressed !