Monday, July 28, 2014

Obama Will Issue Executive Orders On Amnesty 'By Summer's End'

More scenes from a country with no borders...

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters that President Obama has executive orders planned to give at least 5 million illegal aliens work permits and amnesty from deportation. Visa overstays are to be excused, according to Pfeiffer:

That move will come by the end of the summer, White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer told reporters Friday. Some officials had advocated waiting until after the November midterm election.

Any such move would prompt a major clash with congressional Republicans, and at least some White House officials appeared to relish the prospect that the GOP might overreach in its response and act in a politically self-destructive manner.

When the decision is announced, it will "increase the angry reactions from Republicans," Pfeiffer said.

"I would not discount the possibility" that Republicans would seek to impeach Obama over his next immigration moves, he said, adding that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) had "opened the door to impeachment" by his plans to sue Obama for allegedly exceeding his executive authority.

Pfeiffer made his comments at a breakfast for reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

As always, for this lawless regime everything is about politics 24-7.Nothing else matters.

Boehner, of course, has already said numerous times that he against impeachment proceedings, but that shouldn't be allowed to get in the way of a nice fundraising pitch, should it?

Caveat: Contrary to what this article states (it is, after all, the Los Angeles Times) There was very little that was specific about border security or anything that might increase the number of deportations in the Obama Administration's $3.7 billion dollar request for funding from Congress. Aside from numerous earmarks, the bill's vaguely defined objectives were almost exclusively for the care and feeding of illegal aliens and their lawyers.

Meanwhile, illegal alien activists are planning to picket the White House this afternoon, and are demanding that President Obama specifically include illegal immigrants in any future meetings:

“We are among the millions of people who will either benefit or be harmed by the decisions the President makes, and we are here to represent ourselves in any future negotiations,” said Rosi Carrasco, one of organizers, in a statement announcing the action.

Billing themselves “undocumented immigrant leaders,” the organizers said they will erect a picket line to symbolize their demands.

They have demands, you see. And the rest of us are expected to simply bend over and pay up.

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