Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Head Of Human Rights Watch OKs Terrorist Attacks On Israel

Ken Roth

Good ol' Human Rights can always depend on them to exhibit Jew hatred and try to disguise it with their selective faux morality.

According to the head of the organization Ken Roth, abductions and killings by Hamas are not human rights violations as long as the target is soldiers:

Kenneth Roth         @KenRoth
Tunnels used to attack or capture civilians is a rights violation. Tunnels used to attack or capture soldiers isn't. 

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Anonymous said...

This Human Watch fool misses the point as follows. Even if it were true that Hamas Operations that target IDF soldiers are acts of war separate from war time human rights violations, it is nevertheless a Human Right abuse if soldiers are captured and held in detention when the operation that ensnared them was a violation of an agreed to cease fire.