Thursday, July 17, 2014

You Know You're A ObamaBot If...

Created by my good friend and Councilmate Bookworm at Bookworm Room and posted on American Thinker.


B.Poster said...

Actually most Americans are generally beyond "furious" about what was done to the American Indians which includes the small pox incidents among other atrocities. This does not make them Obamabots. As for the situation with the immigrants and the things they are infected with, most Americans do in fact care. They simply feel that America has wronged Mexico and other Central American nations on numerous occasions and this serves as some way for our country to do "penance" so to speak.

Whether or not Americans should in fact feel guilty about what happened to the American Indians or whether or not America has wronged Mexico and other Central and South American countries is another matter entirely. This does not change the fact that most of them do. This does not, in and of itself, make them Obamabots.

Additionally, most of the world is "furious" at America over these things. It does little good at this point to point that others have done just as bad or worse. This probably goes along toward explaining why America is unable to get the support it needs to tackle some areas that are vital to its interests. The world feels America "has it coming" and will do anything and everything to support an adversary of America.

America will need to work to change the narrative in how it and its case are presented. For example, if we secured the borders right now and/or deported those surging across the borders, it would create a huge international back lash against America that would include but not limited to massive trade sanctions against US entities and the loss of the dollar as the international currency. The trouble with blackmailers is they eventually do what they threaten to do anyway!! In other words, the dollar is going to lose its role as world reserve currency anyway and American businesses will likely have trade sanctions levied against them anyway.

As such, the best approach for a starting point is going to be to act in our interest. This is likely to mean, among other things, a complete redeployment of all US forces around the world to positions that make sense for America's national security needs, having Treasury working on a plan for how the nation will deal with the situation when the dollar loses its role as world reserve currency which will probably mean negotiations with the Russians, Chinese, and Western European nations in this regard as this would be far better than being caught flat footed on this, developing all of our own oil and gas reserves, building the refining capacity to handle this, and streamlining regulations on manufacturing in the US which should hopefully make it more cost effective to manufacture in the US.

In summary, being furious over what happened to the American Indians describes how most Americans feel about this, It does not make them Obamabots. Perhaps the intense feelings of guilt that most Americans feel toward their country goes a great deal toward explaining much about the nation's foreign policy but that's another topic. Also, whether or not Americans should in fact feel such guilt about their nation is another topic as well.

Anonymous said...

Can't speak for all American Indians ( aka Red Indians ) , but I think most of us would be satisfied if Washington, DC would simply honour their treaty commitments to the Indians resident on their own sovereign reserve / reservation national lands & allow & permit the individual Indian peoples to control the resources which lie beneath their own lands & remove illegal FIB [ sic ] invaders, & c from their lands ( NB : you could always send CIA people in, like you do with White nations, if you feel there is a legitimate security concern to be dealt with ) . Apropos of natural mineral exploitation on Indian national lands, this ( bad pun alert ! ) would not benefit me one ' red cent ' , as the 2 nations which I have the honour to represent were lucky to have been invaded by relatively decent White people which allowed them to mingle with them. So, no conflict of interest for me. ( Not all Indian nations, alas, were so fortunate : vide ' trail of tears ' ) . Additionally, foreign relations should be conducted by the Dept Of State with the Indian nations.

But, please let there be no more belief in inherited White-guilt. There are only inherited, corporate treaty-responsibilities. There is no such thing as inherited sin. Indeed, all of us are quite capable of erring in the 1st person.

Ciao !