Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Third Intifada - PA Orchestrates Massive Riots To Support Hamas
As Hamas' forces are decimated in Gaza, Mahmoud Abbas and the PA put together massive, violent riots against Israel in an effort to support their Hamas allies.

The festivities started near the Kalandia checkpoint, located in Judea between Jerusalem and Ramallah. An estimated 10,000 Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians rioted near the checkpoint, throwing rocks, firebombs and fireworks at Israeli security forces, and setting tires ablaze. Police also had to put up with gunfire, for which credit was claimed by the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, Fatah terrorists on Mahmoud Abbas' payroll. No Israeli police were reported killed although a number were injured. Two of the rioters were killed, and a large number arrested.

 Qalandia: Two killed in anti-Gaza op protest

Riots were also reported in the East Jerusalem areas of Shuafat, Abu Tor and East Talpiot.Arabs allowed on to the Temple Mount to attend services at the al-Aksa Mosque also rioted,throwing rocks, bottles and fireworks at police and down on passersby. Ten of them were arrested,and the Israelis may very well simply elect to close the mosque for the duration of Ramadan, eliminating the celebration of Laylat Al-Qadr (Night of Destiny) which commemorates the day Mohammed claimed to have received the Qu'ran.

Hamas, of course, thought this was an absolutely wonderful development and urged the entire PA to 'join in the struggle.'

As I explained before, what's going on here is the Third Intifada, using a strategy created by Mahmoud Abbas in conjunction with Hamas.While Hamas shoots rockets and engages what amounts to war against Israel (and hopefully picks up a few photogenic bleeders to use as propaganda) Abbas and Fatah will engage in lawfare and gin up massive riots, a few selective terrorist attacks, and civil disorder in the Arab occupied parts of Judea and Samaria as well as in Israel itself.

Want more proof Abbas and Fatah had this planned in advance?  Only two days ago, Abbas and other members of the Fatah Old Guard, who all have Jordanian citizenship and passports sent their families en masse from Ramallah to Jordan.

Don't be at all surprised if Abbas and  Fatah create an 'incident' enabling him to bring the Palestinian security forces, including those shiny new U.S. equipped and trained combat brigades into the fight 'to protect the Palestinian people.'

The idea won't be to militarily defeat the IDF, but to kill as many Jews as possible and create enough international outrage while doing it to try and get the 'international community', especially President Obama to try to enforce a 'Palestine' on th epre-1967 borders including a divided Jerusalem and a massive ethnic cleansing of Jews in Judea and Samaria.

For all the Israeli efforts to make those Israelis whom identify themselves as Palestinians feel full citizens of Israel, for all the attempts as co-existence and political correctness, the fact remains that a significant number of these Palestinians not only have no appreciation for those efforts or of Israel itself and the freedoms they enjoy there.They hang on to the dream of pushing al-Yahudi into the sea and simply want their neighbors dead.

The sooner Israel decides to initiate a divorce on its own terms, with a boundaries of its own choosing, the better. Oslo died a long time ago and  there is no living with rattlesnakes in the house.


Anonymous said...

We need to annex ALL of Judea & Samaria, expel Abbas & his Fatah crooks, & create the circumstances making it possible to force a large segment of the Arabs out into Jordan. An intifada or war is an opportunity to throw the mamzers out.

louielouie said...

i am sensing the conflict within you young ff.
from a previous essay:

Even the Arabs left in Gaza wil be astounded at how much better their lives will be.

and from this essay:

Oslo died a long time ago and there is no living with rattlesnakes in the house.

rattlesnakes = arabs, ok, i can see that. but before, it sounded as though you would allow some rattlesnakes to remain.

i continue to ask, when does the carpet bombing start? i say start with ramallah.

Rob said...

Hi Louie,
No contradiction, really. If you look at every mention I have made of the desirability of Israel annexing Gaza, I have always talked about the majority of its population being relocated to the little re4ichlket Abbas will be allowed to establish in Area A. That doesn't mean everyone.

Some will be happy to leave rather than live next to the Jews Israel should repopulate Gaza with. Others will simply need to be moved to ensure a minimum of strife. But that doesn't mean all of Gaza's current population.

Even in Israel itself,there is a percentage of the population who have no problem living in the Jewish State because of the human rights, education and economic opportunities available no where else in the ME.Some even serve in the IDF, although admittedly not many of the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians.Poll after poll shows that the majority of these Arabs would prefer to live the good life in Israel rather than be part of any 'Palestine' under Fatah.

Even when it comes to Israel itself,including Judea and Samaria, I advocate removing those Jews outside the new borders I think Israel should mark out for itself to Israel, and removing any non-Israeli citizen Arabs to the new 'Palestine', along with any others whom wish to go.

Here's the dirty little secret no one's mentioning. Even if Abbas got his way and Israel retreated to the '67 lines (which isn't going to happen) 'Palestine' would collapse economically in fairly short order unless it became yet another international welfare case. Abbas and Fatah have literally stolen the place blind just like Hamas has done with Gaza,and what they haven't stolen they've invested in their 'security forces' and weaponry.They have built nothing. Virtually every part of 'Palestinian' infrastructure except the luxury homes of its leaders was built by Israel.

Unless the EU,Obama or someplace like QATAR bankrolls it, a 'Palestine' under Abbas would collapse in a year or so and either become Hamasistan or something entirely different that might realize that 'Palestine' can only be successful and retain any autonomy in close cooperation and amity with Israel.

Or the place may not have a political structure any more. In which case either Israel or Jordan would annex it. Based on the political,demographic and economic realities, if that happened the new owner would almost certainly be Israel.