Thursday, July 31, 2014

NBA Players Call Off Israel Visit

Magic Johnson and a number of other past and present NBA stars were scheduled to attend the inauguration ceremony of Jerusalem's new multi-purpose sports arena in September.

Without any explanation, they suddenly called it off.

The Jerusalem Municipality and the event's production company, Ariel, were surprised to receive a phone call from the stars' representatives on Sunday, informing them that they were cancelling their participation in the festive event.

Ariel and the municipality have been working on the Jerusalem Arena inauguration ceremony, which will take place on September 4, for several months now.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat had invested many efforts to complete the construction and increase the number of seats in the arena after many delays over the years.

The municipality had planned a major opening, which would create a media buzz around the new sports complex. The highlight of the event was supposed to be a festive exhibition game between 10 retired and present NBA players and the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball club.

The guest of honor would have been Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr., one of the greatest basketball players of all times.

Ariel CEO Zion Turgeman confirmed that the NBA players had canceled their visit to Jerusalem. "This is a serious blow to the arena's inauguration. We have been working on the opening event for a long time, and now we will have to readjust."

Turgeman added there was no plan to postpone the inauguration event. "We intend to invite 5,000 soldiers to the opening in order to thank the IDF for its contribution to the state," he said.

Mixing brave warriors with a bunch of pampered, overpaid cowards? I think Magic and his buds did Jerusalem a huge favor. They may look tall on the basketball court, but they've revealed themselves as little men and such creatures are never missed, not really.

The real guests of honor will be sitting in the stands.



Anonymous said...

You are one stupid son of a bitch. Read the signs, Israel is going down. Ps, I have nothing but love to the Jews, but Israelis are some sicks motherfuckers, so is anyone that supoorts them.

Rob said...

"I have nothing but love to the Jews"

Oh, I'm certain you their proper place, you know, as dhimmis, slaves or a barely tolerated minority to whom you can do whatever you want to on a whim.Ah, the good old days...

People like you are exactly why a strong vibrant Israel is necessary.

And for a country that's 'going down' they seem to be doing a lot better economically, financially, in terms of human freedom and quality of life than any other country in the region,don't they? And such a strong military, dammit! How dare those $##$#! Jews defend themselves!

The Jews are home, and they're not going anywhere. Gnash your teeth and pound your head against the wall over that one.