Sunday, July 27, 2014

Major Fatah Terrorist Attack On Jerusalem Averted

pal media watch big explosion

Tawfiq Tirawi is the Palestinian Authority's Intelligence Chief and a Fatah Central Committee member. On July 24th. He was on Lebanese TV taking about Fatah attacks on Israel and saying there was going to be 'a big explosion.' Per PMW:

“These are small explosions, which happen occasionally, but the big explosion is coming. The big explosion is coming. After the big explosion, no one will know where it will lead and what its results will be…It is legal to use all means – to shoot, throw stones, to hold a demonstration and a sit-down strike. All these means will be possible and permissible for our people, and let no one say that weapons are forbidden in the West Bank.”

Today, A car loaded with gas canisters and a large explosive charge was stopped by the border police on its way to Jerusalem at the Beitar Ilit checkpoint 6 miles southeast of the capital. Its Palestinian driver approached the checkpoint at a faster than normal speed which tipped off the border police.

When he was ordered to stop, he tried to keep on driving, but one heroic border policeman, Officer Yeshuron Tzoran, jumped inside the vehicle, attempted to shut the engine off himself and finally got the driver to stop by pulling his weapon on him and threatening to shoot him.

The man was arrested and handed over to the Shin Bet General Security Service for questioning. Inside his car officers found pipe bombs, gas canisters, explosives, and detonators, according to a statement put out by the IDF after the incident. The officer who arrested the man said the back seats of the car had been removed and the entire area was full of gas canisters rigged with electric wires.

The incident caused massive gridlock as police shut down traffic in both directions from the junction in order to send in sappers to handle the explosives.

At the moment it's unclear where the man was taking the explosives, though one working assumption is that they were meant to be used for a terror attack in Jerusalem.

The officer who stopped the suspected bomber, Inspector Yeshuron Tzoran, described how he and the other officers in his region have been instructed to be on high alert during the IDF operation in Gaza due to the assessment that terror groups will try to carry out an attack in Israel. Therefore they set up the temporary checkpoint and began stopping cars. On Sunday afternoon Tzoran said he "couldn't feel better, we feel that we saved many lives in Israel and this is our duty."

It's excellent that the driver was taken alive. He was obviously delivering this car bomb and the explosives to someone. The Shin Bet will find out whom they are, believe me.

But if you look at the juxtaposition of Tawfiq Tirawi's boast on Lebanese television and this event, it's obvious they're connected. This is the Third Intifada and Fatah is an active participant.

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B.Poster said...

"The Shin Bet will find out who they are, believe me." I certainly hope so. Do you think they will use techniques the media and Islamic terrorist supporting evil people have labeled as "torture" such as things like water boarding, sleep deprivation, and other things of that nature?

I suspect so. The reason these techniques are used is because they work!! If the US is unable to use such techniques while its adversaries can, the US places itself at an even bigger disadvantage than it is already in.

The media and Islamic terrorist supporting evil people are not opposed to "torture" such as the methods mentioned above per say. They just don't like to see them used against their friends such as Al Qaeda, Iranian operatives, or anyone else who would seek to harm America or its people.

In fact, they would wholeheartedly support such things being done to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and all the members of the entire "tea party" movement. With the exception of the entire tea party movement, this is not to suggest any of the afore mentioned individuals are good leaders that are worthy of leadership positions for our country, their not.

As enemies of the media and Islamic terrorist supporting evil people in high positions, these people will support "enhanced interrogation" techniques used against their afore mentioned enemies. They are opposed to these techniques being used against their Al Qaeda friends or other American enemies who are their friends because they feel an emotional attachment to such people.