Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Third Hamas Rocket Arsenal Found In An UNRWA School


Today, UNRWA announced today that a third stash of Hamas rockets had been found 'hidden' in one of its schools. My information is that the Israelis were tipped off by one of the Hamas fighters who surrendered to them last week.

UNWRA, of course, did exactly what they've done with the other two stashes of Hamas rockets found stored in their schools - they turned them over to 'local authorities' AKA Hamas so that they could be fired against Israel's civilians.

Asa I mentioned before, UNRWA has something of a history of allowing its facilities and its personnel to assist Hamas in terrorist attacks against Israel. In this latest conflict, UNRWA supplies and building materials have been found in Hamas’s terrorist tunnel infrastructure, which has been used to smuggle weapons and carry out attacks on Israel.

 Photo: Associated Press

This is all supposedly against the UN's rules, of course, but UNRWA, unlike the UN High Commission on Refugees doesn't screen any of its local hires for ties to terrorism.Given that UNRWA's sole purpose in life is to perpetuate permanent Palestinian 'refugee' status, their being in bed with terrorism is hardly unexpected.

Israel should not only defeat Hamas and annex Gaza, they should throw UNRWA out of Gaza and make them build their camps outside Israeli territory. Then the $47 million President Obama and the $48 million Qatar want to give to Hamas for 'rebuilding' can go to UNRWA instead, a significant part of the local population will have someplace outside Israeli territory  to go, and Israel can get on with the business of repopulating Gaza with Jews and watching it become a prosperous agricultural and tourist center instead of a terrorist squat.



louielouie said...

i like what you've done to the UN symbol.
wouldn't it be more universal to have the red circle with the single diagonal red line through it?

Anonymous said...

I think it important news if the Israeli's find an UNRWA School without rockets.