Friday, July 25, 2014

French Muslims Using Facebook For 'Hit List' To target Jews

 "Smile, you're caught! JRF watches!" says the caption on a French Facebook page that identified 32 Jews to be targeted for violence. Photo: Screenshot / Facebook.

Muslims in France now have a new tactic. They're using Facebook to publish the names, photos identities and location of French Jews to target them for assault.

The caption above translates as  "Smile, you're caught! JRF watches!" in this FaceBook page that targets 32 Jews for attack.

The Jeunes Révolutionnaires Français, JRF, or ‘Young French Revolutionaries' posted the names and photos of the Jews above on its Facebook page, and one of those listed has already been attacked on Thursday night in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis, a Paris suburb by a gang of 15 Muslims, some armed with iron bars.

According to a France’s Le Monde Juif, three men initially approached the victim, asked his name and then were joined by the rest of the gang in attacking him.When another resident in the building appeared, the men left.

The title page of the group’s Facebook presence features a large Palestinian flag and calls for members to attend a rally on Saturday in connection with the international Al Quds Day protests around the world which the government has already banned.

The Union of Jewish Students of France, the UEJF has filed a legal complaint against the administrators of the Facebook page for incitement to racial hatred and incitement to violence,both crimes under French Law.

I'm certain Mark Zuckerberg is, you know,concerned.

In a statement, the UEJF said: “For several days, many Facebook pages have been created to encourage physical violence against young Jews. Photos were published, with the identities, phone numbers, and contact information. This young man was directly affected by such a Facebook page. It is unacceptable that the Jews are the target of Facebook calls to murder.”

Unacceptable, mais oui, but this appears to be le monde neauveau in France. I honestly don't think the French government understands what's going on or knows how to handle this

France's Muslims are going to do everything possible to drive Jews out of France, even the very left of center Jews in the UEJF. And after that, unless there is severe push back,they will start on the Christians.

Just watch.

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Anonymous said...

Trust a Jew to create something that can connect families and friends and virtually reinvent communication and commerce around the world.

Trust a Muslim to use that invention to target and hunt down remarkably innocent Jews.

I suppose the academics will be right for the first time when they say the Jews brought it on themselves.

Nothing to see here that a NGO can't whitewash.