Monday, August 06, 2012

'Jewish Voice For Peace' demands Apology to Palestinians Calls Romney's Comments 'Racist And Ignorant

Let's see..

An ultra Left, 'anti-Zionist' group too out there even for J Street hates Romney for 'insulting' Arafat's minions? Gee that's news:

A liberal Jewish organization is set to deliver 17,000 signatures to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's headquarters Monday afternoon urging him to apologize for remarks many have deemed insulting to the Palestinians.

Jewish Voice for Peace has called Romney's comments at a Jerusalem fundraiser last Monday “racist and ignorant.” Romney says he did not mean to denigrate Palestinians when he credited “the power of at least culture” and the “hand of providence” for Israel's superior economy.

The petition, addressed to “Governor Mitt Romney,” urges him to apologize.

“Your statements in Jerusalem regarding the growth of the Palestinian and Israeli economies were inaccurate and misleading,” the petition states. ”Israel's Occupation of Palestinian land makes it impossible for the Palestinian economy to succeed, not 'cultural differences'.

"Your comments were not a reflection of the values Jews, Americans, and our allies hold dear. We call on you to apologize to the Palestinian people for your willful lack of understanding of the facts on the ground and the racist assumptions behind them.”

A Jewish Voice For Peace 'liberal'? Not in this universe.But it's totally in character for these self-hating 'anti-Zionists' to essentially echo Saeb Erekat, the right fork of Yasser Arafat's tongue

The truth is that the real problem with the Palestinians(who have received more aid per capita than any other developing nation) is the same problem the rest of the Arab countries have..they're kleptocracies,where the leaders and those connected to them steal their people blind. That's why Abbas, his two sons and most of the rest of the Fatah Old Guard, including Erekat are millionaires and why Sufa Arafat lives the high life in the swankiest section of Paris.

Stealing the aid money from gullible western donors became a sport a long time ago. and the Palestinians are experts.

Also, just for the record, the 'occupation' is a myth, as I've explained previously. Area A is entirely under Palestinian control, not subject to Israeli checkpoints except where it's necessitated by threat of Palestinian terrorism. So is Gaza, which had no blockade in place until Hamas took over and started shooting missiles at Israel.The people identifying themselves as Palestinians rule these areas. There is no occupation of the Arab occupied parts of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) in any real sense of the word.

So Romney was entirely correct about a link between culture, prosperity and development.

You bet it's the culture . If it's the faux 'occupation', what's the rest of the Arab world's excuse?

Here's hoping Mitt Romney simply laughs in these people's faces. Trust me, they're not the kind of people who would ever vote for him anyway.

You're known by the people that hate you as well as by your friends.


Anonymous said...

great about international campaign to call them "fakestinians" and "fakestine" reeeally pisses off the liberals and the, well, fakestinians.

google "hadrian's curse' and see how they themselves admit that their faux identity is an artificial construct to delegitimize israel... arafat got that from the soviets in 1964 when he founded the fakestinian org.

just think, all over the media people start seeing and hearing "fakestinian".. it will piss off the fakers and make the real people laugh.

laughter is good revenge and a grea way of showing the truth.

A concerned jew(not from JVP) said...

This is neither an "Anti-Zionist" group nor "ultra left". All these ridiculous labels placed for any group or person who speaks out about human right violations is wrong. And I challenge anyone who reads this ridiculous column you have to go directly to Area A you mention, unless you are one devoid of human compassion and turn your head and come out with the usual "they deserve this". No one deserves to live like that. It doesn't help that Israel blocks aid to the Palestinians or limits trash pick-up, or turns out the electricity. To say that a jew who stands up when something is clearly wrong, then to call them anti-Israel or anti-semite (although completely an oxy-moron..) is outrageous. It's about time that jews start speaking out and criticizing detrimental policies of Israel, because it affects ALL jews accross the planet. Romney should absolutely chosen his words much more carefully.

Rob said...

Oh, lovely! Another 'as-a-Joo'...

As usual no facts whatsoever, all bogus 'tikkun olam' and 'social justice'.

Tell you what 'Concerned Jew'..I guarantee if you went to Area A, where the Pals have total control, you went with a minder and you saw what they wanted you to see. There's an actual official tour the Palestinian Authority runs especially for useful idiot non-Israeli Jews such as you.Maybe you went on it.

I've been in Area C and Area B, and seen enough of how the Pals run Area A to tell you that they the only thing they didn't deserve was Clinton putting Yasser Arafat in charge. Everything else, including the Hamas parliament and Arafat II. Mahmoud Abbas, they chose for themselves and richly deserve.

Romney was totally correct,it's a matter of culture..the reason 'Palestine' , which has received more foreign aid per capita than any developing country is a corrupt hole is not because of Israel, but because its a kleptocracy and much of the money gets stolen.

It's the same thing in the other Arab countries. You want to blame Egypt, Jordan, etc, on 'Israeli occupation?

And about those so-called human rights violations? Arabs inb Israel and under Israeli sovereignty have access to Israeli courts.If an Israeli soldier or policemen ( or a civilian fo rthat matter) is guilty of committing a crime against an Arab, they're punished. Want to tell me how many Arabs the PA has put in jail for terrorism against Jews?

The answer is fact the PA pays these men and women they cal heroes and holy martyrs a salary. These are people who have callously murdered women and children and brag about it.

Of course, you don't concern yourself with that, do you?

And that of course is why the creature the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have become will never live in peace with the Jews, ...because they want Israel, and ultimately all Jews gone.

Including you. Read the Hamas charter some time.

Ultimately, the attitude you and people like you evidence does a lot more damage to Jews worldwide than anything Israel does. Because you provide cover for some of the worst Jew haters on earth.

Oh one more thing. You know exactly what you can do. Seriously.