Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama Shamed; Forced By Romney's Trip To Stop Campaign,Fly To Storm-Hit Louisiana

Now here's something different. Here we have a presidential candidate who actually shamed a sitting president into doing the right thing.

This morning after the Republican convention in Tampa finished, Mitt Romney changed his schedule, got on a plane with Ann Romney and headed towards the flood damaged areas in Louisiana to tour the area and meet with first responders. The situation there isn't like Katrina, but there's has been massive amounts of flood damage, the levees were topped in several areas and almost a million people are still without power.

President Obama had never been there during the crisis, and according to the linked ABC News story, the White House told them the president had no plans to visit the stricken Gulf areas. In fact, he was scheduled to be campaigning and fundraising in Ohio.

Relief effort: Romney, pictured in LaFittee, centre, has been at the RNC in Tampa, Florida

Beat Obama: Romney, left, and wife Ann, centre, talked with Governor Bobby Jindal, right, during a tour of the flooding

But as pictures of Governor Romney and his wife started hitting the news wires and raising certain, shall we say, questions, Mitt Romney's action reminded Barack Obama what a president does and shamed him into cancelling his own schedule and finally making a trip to Louisiana.

Romney had changed his schedule to head to the affected town outside New Orleans while Obama, who has yet to visit the Tropical Storm Isaac zone, headed off to Texas to campaign.

But the Obama campaign said today, in a terse statement, that the President would now visit the flood-stricken state early next week.

'In light of the President’s travel to Louisiana to meet with local officials and view ongoing response and recovery efforts to Hurricane Isaac, President Obama will no longer travel to Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, September 3,' the statement read.

By the way, Louisiana is a solid Red State Governor Romney is all but certain to carry, while the campaign stop he cancelled to go to Louisiana was in Virginia a battle ground swing state. He went to Louisiana not for politics, but because he felt it was the right thing to do.

President Obama's cynical turnaround, on the other hand, was based on nothing but politics.If Mitt Romney hadn't gone to Louisiana, there's no doubt President Obama would have ignored the stricken area, just as he has every other disaster that has hit a Red state area during his time in office.

Does anyone really, in their heart of hearts want Barack Obama in the White House for another four years?


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